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“I’m Not Your HR Person” and Other Things You Want To Say To Your Parents

It’s inevitable. Every holiday or family gathering means that at some point, usually within 45 minutes of your arrival, a parent will pull you aside and say, “Can you take… Get the Rest


5 Things You Need To Know This Week

Welcome back to another week with your favorite blogging team! Get back into the swing of things after your holiday with these 5 must-reads! 1.What Gets Made In LA Is… Get the Rest


Don’t Post and Pray, Give Thanks Instead

Thanksgiving is just as much about gratitude as it is about tradition, football, and turkey. On a personal level, I am grateful my health, financial security, family and freedom. On… Get the Rest

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5 Things Naming Your Conference Rooms Says About Your Leadership Style…

My boy Tim Sackett and I recently had the pleasure of being on the Meridian Knowledge L&D Hangout series, where we waxed poetic a bit on all things leadership.  It… Get the Rest

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VIDEO: Steve Boese on The Future of HR Technology

Who better than Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the biggest HR conference of the year–the HR Technology Conference–to join Weird Science host, Tim Sackett, to chat about future trends in human resources technology…. Get the Rest

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5 Things You Need To Know This Week


Don’t Post and Pray, Give Thanks Instead

conference room

5 Things Naming Your Conference Rooms Says About Your Leadership Style…


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The Worst Recruiting Job

I worked for a few clients early in my career who “just wanted a body.” In their minds, anyone was better than no one.  Bad breath better than no breath,… Get the Rest


Women Should Flirt More

FOT Note: Where my ladies at!? This Friday, we’re giving you a golden gift—a blast-from-the-past FOT post you know you want to read again… trust us, it’s so good, it’ll feel… Get the Rest

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Why Your Social Recruiting Efforts Suck

Note from FOT: The best social recruiting efforts give gifts of time, knowledge, community and transparency into the organization you recruit for. Need a story to have it all make sense? Fine…. Get the Rest


A Compensation Plan Where Everyone Earns More Is… Stupid

When I finished my undergrad, I wanted to be a college professor. Summers off, four or five classes to teach, the opportunity to do research, no high school punks to… Get the Rest



Veteran? 10 Tips For Using LinkedIn In Your Job Search

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to a new local Military Officer Association of America (MOAA) Business & Networking Group this past week.  My task? Give the attendees an inside view of how to… Get the Rest


Hate Your Job? Think About What Makes You Happy.

I’ve been sourcing for a long time. Seventeen years, exclusively, on top of that when I was a generalist and full-life cycle recruiter.  I will say I source, not stalk. I… Get the Rest


Whaddya Mean… You Don’t Love Your ATS?

I love my ATS. It’s iCIMS. They should send me a t-shirt that says I “heart” iCIMS… just like those I “heart” NY shirts. I’d wear it. All the time…. Get the Rest


Is Employment Branding The Next Key Skill of the Super Sourcer?

Ahhh… Employment Branding (EB)—the most buzzed-about phrase in recruiting today and a hell of a lot more sexy than Candidate Experience (CE). It’s so interesting—this meld of Social Media, Recruiting and… Get the Rest