sony hackers

Hackers Suck! Sony Can’t Win.

I’m feeling really bad for Sony right now.  They didn’t ask for all of this.  All they did was make a movie about a scum bag dictator in order to… Get the Rest


RESOLVED: Working Less in 2015

As we wind down 2014 and you as an HR/Talent professional naturally take some time to assess the performance and productivity of the assembled talent in your organization (as well… Get the Rest


Hired 4 Life

This article will make your brain hurt, but the payoff will be… well, hopefully… worth it. Imagine a different world for the next 5 minutes. Imagine that with every single… Get the Rest


Holiday Giving For Employees – It’s Not That Simple

I have two kids… actually they are no longer kids but young adults—21 and 23. When they were 6 and 4, buying them gifts for Christmas was easy. Make the… Get the Rest

glassdoor best places to work

Recruit like a Marketer: How To Become a Top Employer on Glassdoor

Glassdoor released their seventh annual Employees’ Choice Awards, which honors the Best Places to Work across the U.S. and the UK last week. The report is compiled – and rankings… Get the Rest

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RESOLVED: Working Less in 2015


Hired 4 Life


Holiday Giving For Employees – It’s Not That Simple


Bad HR


Don’t Be A HR Scrooge This Holiday Season!

Welcome to my favorite time of the year!  The season of company holiday parties!  Otherwise known as the night when relationships are either solidified or ruined in the time it… Get the Rest


Like Carol From The Walking Dead, Even Great Leaders Mess Up Sometimes

First of all, if you haven’t watched the season premier of The Walking Dead, come back to read this after. This is a talent blog, not a spoiler site. Now…… Get the Rest


Drawing The Dotted Line

Showing my age here, but I can remember a time when The Big Chill was actually a movie considered by many to be an instant classic. Whatever your recollection of the movie… Get the Rest

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When Training Is Acquired By HR

Let’s face it—one of the things that gets slung on the world of HR at some point is the Training Department. What type of training you ask? Well, the circle… Get the Rest


sourcing tool

Crapadappadoo! What Sourcing Tool Did I Miss In 2014?

It’s December and I’m taking stock… stock of my tools and gizmos to source.  I’m not the only one—float into any sourcing chat or group, and you’ll see people recommending… Get the Rest

bull durham

What’s My Sourcing Code? Let Me Tell Ya… Bull Durham style

Dear FOT Readers, Life can be trying, no? Every once in a while, personally or professionally, I have to circle back to who I am, and what my code is…. Get the Rest

bucket list

Of Bucket Lists and B.S.

I’m not a natural born speaker—I was trained at my alma mater.  More like a trial by fire in a required speech class.  Every day of class you had the… Get the Rest

sourcing teachers

It’s Easy Peasy to Source Teachers These Days… 4 Strategies to Get You Started

It’s not often I do follow-up posts, but I got a lot of mail after last month’s Back-To-School Night Reveals New Sites to Source … from recruiters that need to… Get the Rest