hiring athletes

Hiring Former Athletes as a Recruiting Strategy – Genius or a Cop-Out?

Was with an SVP of a pretty cool company a couple of months back and he lamented what he considers to be a broken recruiting strategy—hiring former jocks for sales… Get the Rest

rebels at work

Anarchy In The J.O.B

Anarchist: A person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power. Guess what? Anarchists are alive and well in your company. And HR is SICK OF IT. Every… Get the Rest


Not Taking All Of Your PTO? A Lose-Lose For Everyone

It’s late October and as the last six weeks or so of 2014 begin to wind down, if you are like many other American workers, you are facing a crisis… Get the Rest

that time

You Never Truly Leave Your Favorite Job

I wasn’t a huge fan of high school.  I didn’t hate it—I just always felt my time was not the four years of high school, or at least I hoped… Get the Rest

5 things

5 Things You Should Know This Week

Welcome back to yet another week! Kick your Monday off with these 5 need-to-know reads: 1. The Company That Banned Its Own Product: The nation’s second-largest tobacco company says its employees are… Get the Rest

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rebels at work

Anarchy In The J.O.B


Not Taking All Of Your PTO? A Lose-Lose For Everyone

that time

You Never Truly Leave Your Favorite Job


Bad HR


Like Carol From The Walking Dead, Even Great Leaders Mess Up Sometimes

First of all, if you haven’t watched the season premier of The Walking Dead, come back to read this after. This is a talent blog, not a spoiler site. Now…… Get the Rest


Drawing The Dotted Line

Showing my age here, but I can remember a time when The Big Chill was actually a movie considered by many to be an instant classic. Whatever your recollection of the movie… Get the Rest

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When Training Is Acquired By HR

Let’s face it—one of the things that gets slung on the world of HR at some point is the Training Department. What type of training you ask? Well, the circle… Get the Rest


5 Common Myths Employees Have About HR & Recruiting

I know many of you run into the same thing. You introduce yourself to someone in a non-professional setting—say a neighborhood picnic or some other social gathering. The person finds… Get the Rest


bucket list

Of Bucket Lists and B.S.

I’m not a natural born speaker—I was trained at my alma mater.  More like a trial by fire in a required speech class.  Every day of class you had the… Get the Rest

sourcing teachers

It’s Easy Peasy to Source Teachers These Days… 4 Strategies to Get You Started

It’s not often I do follow-up posts, but I got a lot of mail after last month’s Back-To-School Night Reveals New Sites to Source … from recruiters that need to… Get the Rest


Let Your Sourcer Be All They Can Be…

Have you seen this tweet from one of my favorite people at FOT?             I love it. You’d think I’d be pissed—at least mildly irritated…. Get the Rest


Back-To-School Night Reveals New Sites to Source

You may or may not know that I’m the mom of three—ages 11 to 19—all girls.  The first week of school is hammered with back-to-school nights, orientations, forms and more… Get the Rest