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New Requirement for HR Managers… Be Over 40

What?!? Oh yeah, I’m serious!  I want HR Managers to be over 40. But I have a method to that madness as millenials start to curse me out.  It’s the… Get the Rest

Remove or Use

Remove It Or Use It – Achieving Your HR Goals In 2015

We’re only a few weeks into the new year and most of us have been through the process of reviewing last year’s work, checking the boxes of things completed, pulling… Get the Rest


The CYA Report E71: Welcome To SHRM Certification

SHRM. SCP. SHRM-SCP. SPHR. PHR. CYA. WTF? We know you’re dying to know more about the SHRM-SCP certification path—especially if you listened to this podcast we did on SHRM announcing that… Get the Rest

non human resources

The Department of Non-Human Resources

In today’s HR/Talent management world, sometimes a good employee or candidate can be hard to find. Their work history might be lacking one bit of important experience you need for… Get the Rest

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5 Things You Should Know This Week

Welcome back to another great week with your favorite blogging team. Before you dive into your inbox, check out these 5 reads to get your Monday started right: 1. A New… Get the Rest

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Remove or Use

Remove It Or Use It – Achieving Your HR Goals In 2015


The CYA Report E71: Welcome To SHRM Certification

non human resources

The Department of Non-Human Resources


Bad HR


How To Spot An HR Poser

One of the hardest things for any organization to do is predict who will be a great hire and who will be a bust. Even with all the advanced analytics… Get the Rest


The Soft, Sloppy State of HR Technology

My good friend William Tincup recently asked if I was excited about any HR software on the market. Yeah, uh, not so much. I’m on record saying that company culture… Get the Rest

instant relay

“Instant” Replay Is An Oxymoron

With all due respect to my Detroit friends, this one was worse… fourth down, two yards to go, three minutes left in the game, the Dallas Cowboys face a do-or-die… Get the Rest

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I Wish I Would Have Used An Assessment: Everyone Has Something To Hide

FOT Note:  Who here hates bad hires? (#Everyone) That’s why we recently onboarded as an annual sponsor at FOT, where they’ll sponsor posts like this one, allowing FOT contributors… Get the Rest


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How Much Do We Really Need To Know About Our Candidates?

So, I’ve just dropped in my post for my favorite tools and gizmos of 2014 and I think there’s something to be said about the Connectifier, 360Social, and Vibe type… Get the Rest

sourcing tool

Crapadappadoo! What Sourcing Tool Did I Miss In 2014?

It’s December and I’m taking stock… stock of my tools and gizmos to source.  I’m not the only one—float into any sourcing chat or group, and you’ll see people recommending… Get the Rest

bull durham

What’s My Sourcing Code? Let Me Tell Ya… Bull Durham style

Dear FOT Readers, Life can be trying, no? Every once in a while, personally or professionally, I have to circle back to who I am, and what my code is…. Get the Rest

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Of Bucket Lists and B.S.

I’m not a natural born speaker—I was trained at my alma mater.  More like a trial by fire in a required speech class.  Every day of class you had the… Get the Rest