New Recruiting Campaign – Keyword “Google Killer”….

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WOW – I love it when a company is in a competitive situation, and lets it all hang out, even withMicrosoft_ad something as image restricted as the recruiting process.

What’s gotten me thinking about this?  This freaking cool ad from the Euros within Microsoft, as reported from Valleywag:

"After more than a decade of trans-Atlantic antitrust scrutiny, one would think Microsoft would be, oh, I don’t know, subtle about its ambitions to destroy a competitor. Someone in Microsoft’s European HR offices didn’t get the message. A poster advertising jobs at Microsoft Europe lists, among other qualities it’s looking for in candidates, the ability to be a "Google killer."

Decent point about the past Anti-trust woes at Microsoft.  But once I get past that (after all, that’s not my issue), the fact remains that I love two things about this ad:

1.  The fact that a company is in a competitive situation and puts "<fill in the blank> Killer" as a tag.  Imagine Pepsi/Coke, CNN/Fox News or Hatfield/McCoy, and it just fits.

2.  The whole concept of the tag cloud for an ad is HYPED.  Get me some of that, and get me some of that, right now.  Who else loves that?  Am I alone in my pandering?

$50 Bonus for the first member of FOT that revamps their careers site to Tag Clouds. I’m talking cash money here, people.  None of that "this counter check is good, I promise" crap I pulled on you last week…

Michael Wolfe – Are you listening?  You might get the Source equivalent of the Nobel Prize for pulling this off.  No pressure – I’m sure Taleo Business Edition has the flexibility to do this…