Your Dream Job – The Google Gopher/Concierge…

OK – Maybe you don’t have a PhD, maybe you messed around in college and ended up with a pedestrian 3.4 GPA due to your "social side".

It’s OK, you could still land a dream job at Google.  How does the terms "corporate concierge" sound?Concierge_lamp243200600_std Before you laugh and play it off like you’re above it, remember a woman delivering backrubs at the big G in a full-time capacity became a millionaire.  Still laughing?  Looking for your concierge name tag from when you worked the front desk at the Best Western? 

The job description from Valleywag:

Corporate Concierge – Mountain View

This position is located in Mountain View, CA
The Area: Human Resources – Benefits

Google employees have a wide variety of interests both inside and outside Google. We strive to design a unique benefits package that helps Googlers balance their busy lives and allows them to focus on the things they love to do. To that end, the Benefits group has developed a wide variety of comprehensive programs to meet the various needs of our diverse population. The programs we offer at our US headquarters include a world-class children’s center, a wellness center with on-site physicians, four full-service fitness centers and massage services. We provide free gourmet food and self-service laundry plus access to many vendors who offer onsite services such as haircuts and car wash. All of these are offered are in addition to our top-tier health plans and a generous 401(k) matching program.

The Role: Corporate Concierge

As Corporate Concierge, you’ll be responsible for fulfilling U.S. employees’ personal requests and creating perks that make employees’ lives easier in a fast-paced environment.

* Work closely with all levels of employees throughout the company and help coordinate personal services, including making restaurant reservations, ordering flowers, recommending places to dine
    * Source and administer regional perk programs, including discount ticket programs and corporate partnerships
* Establish and maintain an online resource center for personal services such as event planning, housekeeping services, restaurant recommendations and spas
    * Develop, design and negotiate creative personal support and entertainment offers
    * Support other perk programs and events


    * BA or BS degree
    * Excellent customer-service experience
    * Strong knowledge of the community, area and region
* Demonstrated professionalism, confidence, strong organizational skills, efficiency, initiative, resourcefulness and adaptability to change
    * Highly trustworthy at all times and able to deal with confidential information
    * Strong verbal and written communication skills
    * Strong computer skills (knowledge of HTML and web design preferred)

Half the crew at FOT is on their laptop trying to apply RIGHT NOW.  I’ve got a 20-spot that Homula’s tweaking his career pain model to apply to concierge’s work as we speak….

FOT Background Check

Kris Dunn
 Kris Dunn is Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix and a blogger at The HR Capitalist and the Founder and Executive Editor of Fistful of Talent. That makes him a career VP of HR, a blogger, a dad and a hoops junkie, the order of which changes based on his mood. Tweet him @kris_dunn. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard the good word, he's also jumped into the RPO game as part owner of a rising shop out of ATL, Kinetix. Not your mama's recruiting process outsourcing, that's for sure... check 'em out.


  1. HR Minion says:

    I would totally do this. Hell, I do at lot of this now.

  2. Jessica Lee says:

    ummmm… is it just me, or does that job description sound the role of a girlfriend or wife? hmmmm.

  3. Pankow says:

    Servant to a bunch of Diva-ish developers who expect you to drop everything to cater to their whims? I can’t decide if I am uninterested or highly qualified.

  4. Incredulous says:

    Jessica, are you serious? wow…

  5. Jessica Lee says:

    totally kidding, incredulous. totally. : )

  6. KD says:

    You’re in it for the options and you’ve got two choices.
    1. Concierge
    2. Backrubber (see link in first part of post….massage therapist)
    Which one is most acceptable to you?

  7. Sign me up for the Concierge role (and the Options). No backrubs for people I work with – ever. That’s been a pretty consistent rule for me throughout my career – and one that’s a keeper. Plus, if I worked at Google I would get free food, could take my dog to work, and can decorate my office (i.e. Concierge stand) any way I want. What’s not to love! I’m hoping I got my application in before Michael Homula. Either way – we’ll see who’s the better interview… Game on! 🙂

  8. KD says:

    As rules go, the “No backrubs for people I work with, ever” is a pretty good rule.
    PS – for anyone who wants to play the concierge vs. backrubber for options game, I’m talking professional backrubs. You’ve got a portable table going cube to cube. No walk up behind them in the chair “creepy” shoulder massage. It’s a professional role, people…
    Homula said he already had the concierge spot locked up. Something about wine knowledge. I kind of tuned out after that…

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  11. Concierge says:

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  13. angelaparker says:

    Good job! to indulge US employees

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