The Talent Management Blog Power Rankings [Sponsored by FOT and the HR Capitalist]

Fistful of Talent is proud to announce the first installation of the Talent Management Blog Power Rankings!  Rankings below reflect recent blog entries across 103 Talent, HR and Recruiting-related blogs.  How do we rank them?  Check out the complete Poll Methodology here… 

You might remember that the HR Blog Power Rankings used to be hosted over at the HR Capitalist. IFotbadgecontactsport_3 liked doing that, but it was one voice.  Additionally, once we put the team together at FOT, I knew we could make the rankings better by getting multiple working Talent professionals serving as pollsters.  Think of this as a corporate takeover, with the HR Capitalist staying on as a name sponsor as a hat tip of sorts.  Kind of like the founder of a company getting to keep an office when he gets pushed out.

As a result of bringing the crew at FOT aboard, this poll is comprised of professionals working in the field as HR professionals, corporate recruiters, 3rd party search professionals and consultants working in the Talent Management industry.  In short, they’re people just like you, and the poll results reflect the collective view of the team regarding the best blogs in the Talent Management game.

Additionally, all pollsters (click for profiles – Jessica Lee, Maren Hogan, Kelly Dingee, Jennifer McClure, Jason Pankow, Josh Letourneau, Paul Hebert and Kris Dunn) selflessly gave up the right to have their blogs considered for ranking since they are pollsters.  That means we can’t vote for each other either.  At least I think they understood that was part of the game…

In our opinion, the top 25 and those also receiving votes represent the best of the Talent/Recruiting/HR/Human Capital Blogs.  Thanks to all listed here for your commitment to the Talent/Recruiting/HR/Human Capital  community!

Ranking/Blog Name (Power Rating, Last Poll Ranking)

1. The Recruiter’s Lounge (Power Index – 89) (1st Place Votes – 3)
2. (Power Index – 69)
3.  All Things Workplace (Power Index – 63) (1st Place Votes – 2)
4.  Compensation Force (Power Index – 58)
5.  Evil HR Lady (Power Index – 57) (1st Place Votes – 1)
6.  Brazen Careerist (Power Index – 53) (1st Place Votes – 1)
7.  Seth Godin (Power Index – 53)
8.  KnowHR (Power Index – 52)
9.  Great Leadership (Power Index – 50)
10. cheezhead (Power Index – 41)
11. The Employee Factor (Power Index – 39)
12. The Fordyce Letter (Power Index – 37)
13. Bob Sutton (Power Index – 36)
14. HR Observations (Power Index – 33)
15. The Business of Management  (Power Index – 33)
16. AmyBeth Hale – Research Goddess (Power Index – 33)
17. (Power Index – 31)
18. Knowledge Infuser (Power Index – 26)   
19. Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog (Power Index – 26)
20. McArthur’s Rant (Power Index – 26)
21. Marketing Headhunter (Power Index – 25)
22. TalentMash (Power Index – 25)
23. Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel (Power Index – 24)
24. Jon Ingham’s Strategic HCM Blog (Power Index – 23)
25. Taleo Blog (Power Index – 23)

Blogs Not Eligible For Votes (please visit anyway!  We think they’d be in here somewhere) – HR Capitalist, Big O Recruiting, Incentive Intelligence, LG and Associates

Also Receiving VotesTalentedApps, HRMarketer, Three Star Leadership, Suits in the Workplace, Punk Rock HR, Freakanomics, JPIE, The Workforce Institute, Trizle, Ask a Manager, Fortify Your Oasis, Employee Evolution, systematic HR, HR Lori, HR Thoughts, Pink Slip, Social Media Headhunter, Talent Alchemy, JibberJobber Blog, Social Media Explorer, Human Capitalist, Consultant’s Corner, SuccessFactors Blog, SittingXlegged, Digital Roam, The Contented Cow Blog, Execupundit, What Would Dad Say, Recruiting Fly, YourHRGuy,, Tom Peters Blog, Complete Potential, The Monster Blog, People Signals   

FOT Background Check

Kris Dunn
 Kris Dunn is Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix and a blogger at The HR Capitalist and the Founder and Executive Editor of Fistful of Talent. That makes him a career VP of HR, a blogger, a dad and a hoops junkie, the order of which changes based on his mood. Tweet him @kris_dunn. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard the good word, he's also jumped into the RPO game as part owner of a rising shop out of ATL, Kinetix. Not your mama's recruiting process outsourcing, that's for sure... check 'em out.


  1. Kris et al,
    Hey, this is one of those “surprise” treats that gets the day off to a smiling start. Really.
    I’d like to see a write-up somewhere down the road that shows how FOT came out of the gate at full-speed with immediate impact. I think that would be a heck of a model–as well as inspiration–for other groups who want to create the kind of online credibility with their discipline that you’ve managed to do here so quickly.
    The recognition is genuinely appreciated. Thanks, all.

  2. Frank Roche says:

    I am absolutely honored. Thank you so much..great work you guys do, and it’s cool to be on your list!

  3. Amybeth says:

    Wow thank you! 🙂 Sweet 16, I am honored!

  4. Ann Bares says:

    Team FOT:
    Thanks for devoting the time and effort to recognizing your fellow talent management bloggers – I am honored to be here! Congrats to all bloggers who hit the top 25 and who received votes of recognition!

  5. Jim Stroud says:

    Wow! #1? Wow! I could not post HTML in this comment box, so you will have to go to one of the links below to see my video response.
    (Cryptic smile)

  6. Jason Davis says:

    Thanks for noticing our little corner in the recruiting blogosphere

  7. Frank Roche says:

    Okay, I’m so happy with Jim’s video that I had to watch it multiple times…and show people. Now that’s how to be happy…WOW! is so great…and so well deserved, Jim. Nicely done. BTW: More videos please…you have a real energy and authenticity…fabulous.

  8. chantix says:

    solid list!

  9. KD says:

    Guys and Gals –
    To everyone on the list – the top 25 and those receiving votes – you deserve it! You’re the best in the biz…
    Thanks – KD

  10. Wow! “Fistful of Talent” Says We’ve Got Juice!

    The Talent Management Blog Power Rankings honored All Things Workplace with a #3 in the top Talent/Recruiting/HR/Human Capital Blogs. This is genuinely humbling for a number of reasons: 1. Every one of the blogs is on my daily reading list

  11. Congratulations to all involed and to those on the list. Quite an honour – thank you very much.
    I think we should all get together and write a book about all this stuff????

  12. Jon Ingham says:

    Thanks Kris, a great list of blogs.

  13. I didn’t know that those are the best ranked blogs but the problem with blogs, it is the amount of time that you have to give it in order to be successful.

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