What’s Jim Stroud Doing atop the FOT Power Rankings?

Lots of good conversations yesterday related to the FOT Talent Management Blog Power Rankings, with some of the best conversations occurring off-line among FOT members.

Here’s one of the topics – why is Jim Stroud at the top of the rankings?  If you look at the vote totals, it’s pretty clear that he netted votes from almost everyone voting, which is a rare occurrence across FOT Nation.  We get along pretty well at FOT, but let’s just say we have OPINIONS, which means at times we agree to disagree.

But back to Jim Stroud and the Recruiter’s Lounge.  Why them?  I’ll tell you what I get as a reader, then I’ll ask any of the FOT cast to pitch in within the comments, and if you have thoughts – do the same.

For me, it comes down to three factors:

Voice – Let’s face it, Jim writes in a voice that makes you trust him.  He’s easy like Sunday morning.  Lot’s to learn from this type of voice approach…

Dives – Jim likes to dig into deep dives in certain subject matters, like sourcing and the intersection of sourcing and technology.  Wish I had more time to learn and use what he lays down, but even if I don’t use it, or even read it, on a given day it’s nice to know it’s there.

Spanning the Globe – Like Jim McCay, this Jim is spanning the globe to bring the variety to your table.  It’s rare that I don’t stop and look at "The Week in Recruiting", which usually includes around 15 links.  I usually drag my cursor across the top of the links to see where they are going, and it’s rare that I don’t find something there.

So that’s me.  Hit me in the comments if you’ve got something to add.  Speaking of voice, here’s Jim reacting to the news that he was #1 (email subscribers will have to click through for the video).

Congrats Jim…

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  1. Jessica Lee says:

    congrats to jim stroud! i was pretty pleased to see him make it to the top of the list. for all the reasons KD states in the above, i too voted for jim’s blog and put him pretty high up in my rankings. in addition, he also he has an authenticity like very few others in the recruiting blog world… he’s like your guy next door. i’m pretty sure i’d like to have a beer with him and allow him to teach me a thing or two. (hey, if you’re at ERE in October, let’s make it happen!) and just the sheer volume and relevance of his postings really get me going.
    well deserved.

  2. Jim Stroud is “Da Man” in the Recruiting World – a true gentleman and a scholar. If I had any graphic design abilities, I’d create a collage of his face with the likes of Tiger Woods, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah Winfrey, and Denzel Washington. Here’s why:
    Tiger — Because Jim is consistently atop the leaderboard. He is top 3 so often that when he’s isn’t on the leaderboard, we know the contest was bogus and/or tainted. Put simply, ‘he’ is the acid test of legitimacy.
    “Honest Abe” — Because Jim couldn’t tell a lie . . . and hereby I request that his redux “Thank You” (or any future awards) include a video of him in a Top-Hat. [Just don’t go ZZ-top on us and think you’re the man afterward.]
    Oprah — Because Jim isn’t a shameless self-promoter, but moreover a beacon of doing good things and simply being in the right place at the right time. [By the way, the word on the street is that Jim is starting an orphanage or group-home for homeless Internet Researchers and Recruiters.]
    Denzel — Because Jim looks just like him . . . well, ok, not really . . . but I could hear him know, “King Kong aint got nothin’ on me!”
    Congratulations, Jim – this award is well deserved.

  3. Jim Stroud’s blog hits the top of my list for many reasons, but probably the most important is that he shares great information freely – not to self-promote, but to make his readers better at what we do. To stand out in the blog world – content really rules and Jim is one of the content Kings! I’m often left feeling like I got information for free from Jim’s blog that I would gladly have paid for. His posts are typically very instructional and include illustrations on how to use the new tools and gadgets he discovers – and he “discovers” a lot of cool stuff!

  4. laurie says:

    Hey, no one can move Jim Stroud off the top of the list. Between Twitter & the blog, he’s ‘doing it live’ and really making a difference.
    I am going to shoot for #25.5 or maybe #22 as my future FOT goal. I can’t compete with the top ranks of the list, but I’m suddenly feeling a little motivated! 🙂

  5. 'Kunle Olaifa says:

    Congrats Jim,
    I am happy you came out tops of the list. Your blog is simply fantastic..very informative and explanatory and it sort of talks to you in a way you like to hear it….keep it up.
    A big shout out from lagos Nigeria.

  6. Congrats Jim!!!
    I love the stlye of his writing which is very direct and hommily, also at the times when he talk in a global sense about talent or trends…
    This involves his readers & allover his researches and its presentation of those is everyime a great learning experience for his readers , which may be a student, an employee, a recruiter or a CEO of a company..
    I feel lucky to be his follower & a reader…
    So, I Wish that he will emerge Victorious everytime!!.

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