FOTv PILOT EPISODE: Needy Candidates, Social Media Fools and Toxic Job Descriptions….

It's "must see" TV time.  Well, maybe not must see TV, but how about Fistful TV?  Here's our pilot episodeFOT-Badge---Rally-Round of FOTv, our TV show that features the cast at FOT.  The format's pretty simple – we riff on a few topics, and you can't be all war and peace and stuff.  You've got a minute to make your point, then you're out.

We're still playing around with the name.  The idea behind the product is that we've got some great contributors over at FOT, and while I love the way they write, I know they have even MORE to give.  So, we stuck a camera in front of them at the same time, threw a list of topics on their lap and said…. "you're on….GO!"

First up – me, Jessica Lee and Josh Letourneau.  We're riffing on camera about the EFCA, social media, needy candidates, firing employees who interview for other jobs and job descriptions that suck.  We also take a shot at wondering aloud why JLee didn't get her apartment rented out for Inauguration Day.  What a missed revenue opportunity…

We've got tons of ideas to keep the format fresh, moving forward, so we'll be experimenting a good bit in the months to come with the product.  Expect to see Tolan, Hogan, Hebert, McClure, Dingee, Uranga, Pankow, Rapp and Seiden buck up in the near future as well.

A free orange county jail FOT jumpsuit to the first viewer to name the song/band in the intro…(email subscribers click through for the video…)

FOT Background Check

Kris Dunn
 Kris Dunn is Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix and a blogger at The HR Capitalist and the Founder and Executive Editor of Fistful of Talent. That makes him a career VP of HR, a blogger, a dad and a hoops junkie, the order of which changes based on his mood. Tweet him @kris_dunn. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard the good word, he's also jumped into the RPO game as part owner of a rising shop out of ATL, Kinetix. Not your mama's recruiting process outsourcing, that's for sure... check 'em out.


  1. Ann Bares says:

    Fantastic and first-class job Kris, Jessica and Josh!

  2. Susan says:

    Alien Ant Farm – Around the Block! Jump suit please! Great first video team.

  3. FOTv Pilot raises the bar. Quality comments, great subjects. The “needy candidate” conversation is classic and Josh you never did answer JLs question.

  4. Great job KD, JL and JLee! Really “must-see” TV and good discussion. Thanks for going first and putting this out there. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!

  5. Based on this pilot, I’ll be back to watch the series. Very nicely done!

  6. Rick Deare says:

    Kris, Jessica, Josh: Well done. Good information and perspectives- with passion. I’m looking forward to more FOTv.

  7. William says:

    Very, very nicely done! Love the graphics tracking on the side bar.

  8. simplesong says:

    nicely done!

  9. Jennifer Sanders says:

    Great job KD, Josh & JLee!! Definitely looking forward to future FOTv. Very nice!

  10. Jim Stroud says:

    Interesting! I made a few video comments about your efforts here:

  11. Liz says:

    Great video, engaging, inviting, and informative.Thanks

  12. Fistful of Talent Crew Kicks Off Must-See FOTv

    Kris Dunn and the gang at Fistful of Talent are stretching the boundaries yet again to keep the talent management dialog and content fresh for readers. The latest innovation is called Fistful of Talent TV(or FOTv for short) and it…

  13. Great job, Kris and Jessica! 🙂 I’m honored to have sported my garlic knot of a head by your sides! 🙂

  14. John says:

    Awesome work guys. Your video is on the home page and others as well of The Industry Radar –
    Look forward to the ongoing saga of FOTv…..

  15. Phil says:

    That was awesome! Great discussion and flow. I think that you guys could slow down the commentary a little and still be ok.

  16. Jason Gorham says:

    Cool tv…one suggestion I couldn’t move forward to segments I wanted to spend time on.

  17. laurie says:

    Whoa, making a dent in the video world. Awesome!!
    I’d like to see these topics broken into separate videos and/or insert chapter breaks. Help me manage my time by giving me tighter & shorter chunks.
    PS – I’m growing some balls, LOL.

  18. Tracy Tran says:

    Loving the show so far but there are a few things to add:
    -Who’s going to wear the turban?
    -Who’s going to do the penguin dance?
    -Are you going to show the trampoline bear?
    -Finally, who’s going to be the “HR Auditor” or “Stat Boy (or Girl)”?

  19. Joe Rice says:

    FOT meets PTI… nice!

  20. Wait, Kris, I really thought you were Ari. Anyway, loved the pilot. I also dig the social media feed frenzy, but I do find myself picking up the phone more than I’ve done in years. Social media marketing and networking has increased my hunger for live interaction – not a bad thing.
    Oh, your series does need more car chases and inappropriate employer/employee behavior. Thanks!

  21. Joe Altieri says:

    Great concept. This industry needs a TV show focused on HR. The arena is changing and educating for change is key. Thanks for this video. Keep up the good work.

  22. Definitely worth the time to watch this – excellent job guys!

  23. Jessica says:

    Wow this is great! So original, well-made and entertaining. Question, who is producing these videos?

  24. So funny! Two thumbs up! I much rather watch FOTv than read. 🙂
    I agree with Jason…
    I’d like to see these topics broken into separate videos and/or insert chapter breaks. Help me manage my time by giving me tighter & shorter chunks.
    Also, it would be great if you gave us some HOT tips instead of stating the obvious on some topics.

  25. Ben Gotkin says:

    Brilliant! Funny and informative! I look forward to future episodes.
    PS – KD, I watched it in my Google Reader.

  26. jessica lee says:

    hey folks! i just wanted to drop a quick note to say BIG THANKS for all the love for the pilot episode of FOTv. it’s much appreciated and we’re sooo thrilled it was well received by y’all. thanks for all the reposts, retweets, blog love, etc. and thanks for the feedback too – we’ll try to do better next time!

  27. Dan McCarthy says:

    Kris, Jessica, Josh –
    This is great! You guys are rock stars!
    It was incredibly engaging. While I tend to usually skim blogs, this forced me to slow down and listen – but it was so good, I wanted to. I loved the variety of topics, the quick takes, the length, .. everything! Congratulations!

  28. Robert Smith says:

    JL & crew – try to do better next time? This first effort was extremely well done. I can’t wait for more, call me a FoFTv fan.

  29. Super job, moves quickly, keep rollin’…

  30. Dennis Smith says:

    Glad you all aren’t as slow to put out great TV as I am to respond! Brilliant – will be the new feed that I consume.

  31. russell says:

    Jessica… right on & bravo… Job descriptions should be more about core objectives and working to achieve objectives, whatever it takes.

  32. Becky Regan says:

    Really liked your TV show on HR, particularly Josh’s commentary on the quality of job descriptions being a key marketing piece in recruiting. Amen to that concept! Keep up the good work!!

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