March Madness Showdown: The Man Versus The Machine! Get Your Votes In!

Jessica Lee Talent Management Power Rankings

Let me just say this first – I’m a Pac-10 gal. I went to the University of Washington and I also worked for the UW a few years after completing my studies. (Go Huskies!) And our HR blogging friend Lance Haun, Your HR Guy? Yes, that Lance Haun. Well, he’s also a Pac-10 guy. A cougar, a Washington State University alum. And for those not schooled in Pac-10 life, there’s a old, old rivalry between us huskies and cougars… but for this contest, I won’t hold the fact that Lance is a WSU product against him because… wow! He made it to the finals beating out in the final four FOT’s own Kris Dunn, the one and only HR Capitalist. Wow!

So, I’m biased, what can I say… it’s impressive but well deserved as Lance is an excellent blogger, despite being a cougar/WSU alum. But, alas, it’s how you voted folks and here at Fistful of Talent, we’re a democracy. (And not without voting challenges, yes. We’re just like Florida with voter registration and voting machine problems. Sigh…) A quick recap of the final four before we move on – here’s how things shook out:

Talent Apps defeated HR Thoughts, 77% to 23%
Your HR Guy defeated HR Capitalist 60% to 40%

I’m not sure this is how many would have predicted things turning out – but I love the madness of this whole situation. So with that, we have arrived to the finals, friends. Lance Haun, Your HR Guy versus Talented Apps, written by a group of pros at Oracle. This is the man, versus the machine! What an awesome matchup! Just look at the last five entries at each of the two blogs-

Your HR Guy:

Talented Apps:

These folks are writing some quality stuff – wouldn’t you agree? And it’s cool to see two very great blogs going head to head but there can only be one winner. We’re not going to cater to Lance as a gen-Y guy and hand out awards to everyone for just participating. We want to declare someone as the best – so that’s where you come in. Vote! Choose one! And help us crown the top dog, or top dogs, in this contest. Polls will remain open until 9pm EST – and after that, we’ll declare a winner unless of course a tie takes us into overtime. (Wouldn’t that be a nice way to end this March Madness?!)


Jessica Lee
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