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Short post, brilliant content.  A few weeks ago we played "Kick The Graduate", where we highlighted a new grad who was looking for feedback on his resume.

New Feature – I call it "The Hype Resume", which from time to time will feature a candidate somewhereHype02 in the search process that has incorporated some cool stuff into their candidate presentation.

Today, I'm featuring Karla Wiles, a Birmingham resident who has a bunch of experience on the creative side.  I met Karla recently at a Social Media Club lunch, and she followed up with me with a resume and an online tool with her as a candidate.

Couple of notes – I realize Karla is a creative type and this comes naturally, but can't we all learn something from the presentation?  First up, I LOVE the dialog boxes on the resume to spice this thing up.  Well played.  As for the flash/quicktime presentation, how can you not love that as an easy link and follow up to the resume?

Cautionary note – some traditional types may not feel the love in non advertising/marketing arenas.  That's OK… If doing this type of thing is you and you're in the market, you may reduce the total playing field regarding the number of employers who would view this as acceptable, but the ones it is attractive to are much more likely to bring you in than a candidate without these types of tools.

In short, be different = reducing your total prospects but intensifying the opportunity that remains.

Comments for Karla?  I'd hire her!

Kris Dunn
Kris Dunn is a Partner and CHRO at Kinetix, a national RPO firm for growth companies headquartered in Atlanta. He's also the founder Fistful of Talent (founded in 2008) and The HR Capitalist (2007) – and has written over 70 feature columns at Workforce Management magazine. Prior to his investment at Kinetix, Kris served in HR leadership roles at DAXKO, Charter and Cingular. In his spare time, KD hits the road as a speaker and gives the world what it needs – pop culture references linked to Human Capital street smarts.