Swami Says – I See Better Days Ahead for Hiring – Don’t You?

timtolan Candidate Pool, Recruiting, Tim Tolan

This candidate rich environment we are in today, while challenging for many hit hard by this economy, will not be this rich for long. While I don’t profess to have a crystal ball, I do believe many sectors in this market will recover much sooner than those making dire predictions akin to the Great Depression. Some sectors will have a very long recovery while others will see signs of hiring in the near term. Unemployment is still too high – but we may have reached a Tipping Pont in this job market.

The fear that has gripped us all (and many companies that still need good people) is starting to dissipateCarnac and I sense good things around the corner. We are much smarter. We have all learned valuable lessons as a result of what we have all been through. That’s a good thing. Have these been tough times – yes – I get that (hey – I’m in the search business right?). For some of us, we have already seen positive changes and new habits from the people we work with and in ourselves. Personal savings and accountability will take the place of consumption. More goodness. Yes, the American worker and the employers we work for will all be better off as a result of what has transpired over the past 6-12 months – longer depending on where you live and work and what you have experienced in this crazy non-ending nightmare.

And guess what? News Flash: This job market will look and feel much better – much sooner than the pundits predict. While 401K’s have taken a huge hit – they are starting to recover. So will this job market. Boomers will still be leaving the workforce soon, and even if the Boomer exit numbers are half of what we thought it would be – it will still be huge. Companies will be in a mad dash to hire for positions that have been on hold for months. The feeding frenzy will start – and the wheels on the bus go round and round.

It’s time to look at things in a much brighter light. Spring has sprung, the stock market is showing signs of improvement  – and yes, the flowers will be blooming in a matter of weeks. Hope will replace fear and all of a sudden our attitudes will improve. I know mine will. We will all experience our own personal NOVO (Latin meaning to make anew, refresh, revive, change, alter).

Yes – I feel it. And it feels pretty good. Hang in there – brighter days are just around the corner.

Tim Tolan is a partner at Sanford Rose Associates and specializes in Executive Search in Healthcare IT. He’s a closer, and you really don’t want to call him unless you’re ready to bring out the bazooka to bag some big game. When I started Fistful, I checked four references on Tim – his wife, his kids, his pastor and a client. The references were great, even if it sounded like they were reading from a sheet of paper. I just chalked that up to them being “detail oriented” in their feedback….