Jobvite: Take Your Hiring Managers’ Excuses Away…

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I was in Chicago last week at the HR Technology Conference and had a chance to sit down with Jobvite CEO, Dan Finnigan.  So before I get into the conversation, as per Fistful Of Talent rules of full disclosure, Jobvite and/or Dan Finnigan did not pay me/us to do this post – but if when finished Dan wants to send me an iPad just because I rock – well, I can’t stop him from doing that. Sometimes if you rock, people send you stuff. That’s life – but you don’t rock, so you probably don’t understand.

Jobvite might be the hottest product in the HR Tech/software world right now (read here).  2nd full disclosure – I didn’t talk about Jobvite’s software with Dan – let’s face it, I’m the last person in the world you would want to take HR Software advice from – try FOT’er Steve Boese (he knows that stuff – he even wears Chuck Taylor’s like those techie geeks).  So, I can’t rave about all the great things that the Jobvite software offers – though I hear very good things.  Here is what I can talk about – most HR Tech companies don’t get the average HR Manager.  The HR Manager sitting in Indianapolis, or Tampa, or Colorado Springs, who is over-worked, under-paid and under-respected – in fact most of the HR Tech companies wouldn’t even return your call if you called them.  Let’s face it, you don’t have a big enough budget.

Oh, so Jobvite is the exception – right, Tim?  I don’t know that either – what I know, however, is that their CEO, Dan Finnigan, gets you – I mean he really understands the life of a rank and file HR Pro.  His Dad was an HR Lifer, started in recruiting, and he pretty much saw his Dad grind out a full career in HR.  So, when he talks about his product, and making it better, and the next product he’s still noodling around – he gets you.  And in my book, that goes a very long way in determining who I want to partner with when choosing any HR Product.

Dan shared one thing about Jobvite and will give you a flavor about his mind set – his goal in developing Jobvite was to get hiring not to be an “HR” issue, and get it back to being a “company” issue.  His goal is to “take excuses away from hiring managers” in helping bring the best talent into an organization.  The underlying premise being hiring is everyone’s job in your organization, not just HR.  With recruiting departments in most organizations cut to the bone over the past 2 years, we would be naive to think our executives are going to allow us to rebuild our “recruiting empires”.  Instead we are going to have to use technology and process to do more with less, all the time, knowing our organizations are going to expect we do it better than before.

I don’t know if Jobvite is that product to help you do that – I’ll let all of you decide that for your own organizations, but I am a fan of their CEO.  I meet a ton of HR vendor executives and most are really just trying to figure out how to get more of your budget. And while I think Dan probably wants to get paid – he also seems to have a bit of legacy to prove to his old man that he can make HR easier, for HR.