We’re Gonna Stop Whining About SHRM & Bad HR… And We’re Gonna Actually Do Something About It. Join Us.

If you're an HR pro in the trenches like us, you've dealt with your fair share of employee relations issues over the years. And if you're really like us, you probably hate nothing more than a person with a complaint or problem who offers no solutions. You know – the type who just likes to whine.

Admittedly, over the years that FOT has been around, we have done our fair share of bitching about the HR profession as a whole. We're also on record that we think SHRM is lame much of the time and is in need of a good dose of change
It's easy to complain, moan and whine. And believe us – we love getting up on our soap boxes to air Fot show our grievances. It's cathartic AND entertaining. But you can only bitch for so long before it's time to put up or shut up. And that time has come. 

The gloves are coming off.  It's on. FOT-style.

For the past few weeks, you have probably been bombarded with email after email after mailing after mailing about SHRM's 2011 National Conference in Las Vegas. Register now! Purchase the premium pass! Don't miss our Michael J. Fox's closing session!  Come get those recertification credits! Top of the line swag guaranteed in the exhibitor hall, so bring extra suitcases! But friend to friend, tell us – are you really even excited about the conference? Is it worth the $2000 plus travel hit to your budget? And just who are you going to be learning from at the conference? Will it help you raise your HR game?

You have no guarantees what you'll gain at SHRM except that you'll receive a boatload of recertification credits and some major swag. We think you deserve more, and better. But rather than us continuing to poke fun at SHRM, we've decided to come to the table with a solution.  We're offering you another option.

An FOT show. Or rather, the FOT show.

Date: Sunday, June 26, before the SHRM festivities begin. Concept: One day, jam packed full of education, dialog and fuel to provoke you to really think differently about how you do what you do as an HR pro. Go back and re-read that. Spend the day with hundreds of other like-minded pros – the kind who "get it" and won't make you feel embarrassed about the profession – and soak in learnings that will help you take things to the next level as an HR pro.

Yep, we're building a one-day conference for the folks who want to stretch, not settle. It will be designed for the HR and recruiting pros who want to raise their games. And what exactly are we planning?  Cool speakers. Crazy but true topics. No trade show floor. Limited political correctness. Barrels of Starbucks. Unlimited Little Debbie snack cakes with the FOT logo.  Rock music and old school rap between sessions.

You'll also get the chance to attend the sessions with FOT members who were rejected as presenters for the SHRM conference with titles like, "How to Raise Your HR Game by Thinking Like a Money-Hungry VP of Sales" and "Succession Planning at Van Halen: David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and <shudder> Gary Cherone".  

You're right. Those titles don't sound compelling at all, do they?  SHRM didn't think you could handle them… but they'll be at the FOT show.

We know we'll have a compelling offering. You know and trust us to deliver to you a daily dose of good HR. We promise to bring the same to you in Vegas.

Stay tuned here on the blog for more info – registration, speaker line up, pricing, will be unveiled in Q1 2011. Or, you can bookmark www.theFOTshow.com.  We're making it easy for ya – tack on another day to your annual SHRM conference voyage but prepare yourself for something totally different. Or hell, if you weren't planning on going to Las Vegas for the SHRM show, you can come for one day and hang with us anyways. 

Change you can believe in.  A tea party for the HR profession. Players club, baby.  A Festivus for the rest of us.

The FOT Show.  June 26, 2011.  Vegas.

Are you ready?

Kris, Jessica + the FOT gang

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  1. AkaBruno says:

    Love it. Count me in.

  2. Victorio says:

    Did someone say “put up or shut up” when it comes to HR pros stepping up? I like the sound of that.
    Let me scrape some coin together and I’ll see you in Vegas!

  3. That’s what I’m talking about, Baby – Get some!
    By the way, the way this is written and delivered is pure genius. Perhaps the best copy I’ve read in years!

  4. Can I present on unions? I got rejected by SHRM too!

  5. Csarvich says:

    I was seriously considering passing on my “turn” to attend SHRM – even in Vegas. This tipped it. Now it’s so worth the trip – I can’t wait!

  6. Dwane Lay says:

    I wasn’t planning on going to SHRM2011. I might come to this, though. Well played!

  7. Lruettimann says:

    Why don’t you see if SHRM will sponsor your cute little tweet-up?
    Just kidding.
    You know I’ve got your backs.
    I’m there if you’ll have me.

  8. What you said. I’m in!

  9. Steve Boese says:

    How many strategic credits will I get for the Sackett presentation?
    Very cool – I may need to buy a new pair of Clydes for such a happening event.

  10. Chris says:

    Very exciting, cannot wait!

  11. Robin Schooling says:

    It’s been added to my calendar; will be the best part of the whole conference

  12. Jody says:

    You rock!! I’m saving my pennies to spend for the one-day event! Can’t wait to get more info.

  13. william says:

    A nice way to test the mettle of FOT: see if audience members will not just comment, not just forward a link…but will actually attend. Way to go. I’ve started packing my bag, practicing my hitchhiking thumb, and explaining why I’ll be sick on a particular day in July 2011.

  14. You need to correct your dates. June or July?

  15. william says:

    Thanks, Michael. I meant June, but I’m sure I’ll need a vacay in July too.

  16. Charlie Judy says:

    me likey. hereby penciled in.

  17. Debbie says:

    Ah about that little Debbie thng.. How about hohos, or ding dongs , it’s an HR conf, right?

  18. Meg Steele says:

    Sounds like a veritable who’s who of HR rebels. But wait-if we’re all rebels, than is anyone really a rebel at all?? Hope to join, either way!

  19. Harry Joiner says:

    ballsy. congratulations. it’s the thought that counts.

  20. Jenn says:

    Umm not to be a parade-rainer-onner but doesn’t the SHRM stuff usually start Sunday afternoon with some general sessions and the opening general session with some big-name headliner person? So if you’re planning the FOTShow for Sunday then you will be overlapping, not tacking an extra day on?

  21. Darren says:

    Maybe there is a reason to go to SHRM now.

  22. Christine says:


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