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I have died and gone to heaven.  For those of you who have not seen the kooky Herman Cain campaign video, immediately stop what you are doing now.  Stop now!  And click this video link here.

This is the greatest campaign video ever.  It could also be one of the death nails in Herman Cain’s campaign as well, especially since it is his Chief-of-Staff featured in the video.  However, there are many, many fabulous HR take-aways. 

  • NO publicity is bad publicity (You just have to define what bad is before you push the “send” button).  I CANNOT get this video out of my head.
  •  Video rules! This Herman Cain video rules. Period. Remember peeps, multi-media (video/pics, etc) is an integral part of social media.  Use it to your advantage for branding and recruiting your company and jobs.  I may even say, in most corporate cultures, the kookier the better.  And no matter what you think, this media even works for banks and hospitals. Last I heard, even highly regulated companies need to connect with their recruits and team members in “real” ways.     Need an example:  check out this video about the Daxko Nation currently on Daxko’s recruiting site (www.daxkonation.com)  http://vimeo.com/16003797 . #awesomeness
  • Authenticity is always better than fakey-ness.  You can’t get more authentic than this Herman Cain campaign video.  I mean who makes this up?  And compared to virtually every other Republican candidate— this is the most authentic showing yet; which I love.  At least I can make a real judgment about what I like and don’t.Now, since I take at face-value that this is the true Cain, I may make the decision NOT to vote for him for President (who knows).  But there may be just as many who totally “get” this.  Like- attracts-like.  And likely the ones who “get” this will be long time supporters.   

    Big recruiting take away which is a no-brainer:   Always represent your company in an authentic way.  There may be many who don’t get it…but the ones who do will be long time supporters (aka will stay a long time; aka will lower your turnover; aka will make your customers happy….)

And when all else fails, ending every piece of collateral with an 8-second smile will put your brand over the top!  Don’t believe me, checkout this Colbert Report on the subject.  Be forewarned, this may be the single greatest Colbert Report ever.

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Dawn Burke (PHR) is VP of People at DAXKO. That's right - the very DAXKO that our very own KD is an alum of because there are only so many people (okay, just one) in the big B'ham who are worthy of that VP of People title. Dawn would be it. Former actor/singer/retail guru, her HR career has spanned the last decade. A true Generalist she’s done a little bit of everything, but recruiting and training is where she gets her mojo. She's based in the good 'ole blogging capitol of the south, Birmingham, Alabama, where you can frequently find her listening to the Beatles and REM, watching tons of Sex in the City reruns, drinking copious amounts of coffee and wine, and wondering how in the world this theatre grad ever got into football or HR…. Talk to Dawn via emailLinkedIn, or Twitter...


  1. Jon_hyland says:

    For future reference, the turn of phrase is “death knell” not “death nail”.
    Good post, though, about the importance of authenticity and the right spin on something to get noticed. Your approach has to be tailored to your company, but the bottom line is that there is an approach to take.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. @ jon Thanks for reading! And great comments. And thanks for the death knell education. I use death nail as a combo expression (merging death knell and final nail in the coffin….)
    Keep the comments coming!

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