The CYA Report E6: Employee Sentiment Tools

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The CYA Report is a free flowing, sometimes mature discussion of HR and Talent Issues.

Hosts: Kris Dunn and Dawn Burke

Interview Segment: Tim Sackett 

Producer: Holland Dombeck


intro – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “Someday I Suppose”

interview – Cypress Hill – “Rock Superstar”

outro – The Beastie Boys – “Egg Man”


00:43 – Kris Dunn and Dawn Burke discuss DB’s office space at Daxko, aka “the love child of Pottery Barn & Google.”

04:09 – Your hosts weigh in on 1. Employee Perquisite Programs and 2. The decision to cut or keep Colt’s QB Peyton Manning, in today’s news.

15:55 – Word from our sponsor:

16:59 – Tim Sackett joins the mix to interview guest from a software company that measures employee engagement through sentiment.

28:11 – Word from our sponsor: Jobvite

29:14 – The big finish – The CYA Report gang discuss what they learned from today’s show.


Holland Dombeck McCue
Holland Dombeck McCue is the former editor turned blogger here at Fistful of Talent. She plays in the employment branding and B2B marketing space and currently heads up Recruitment Marketing and Global Employment Branding for Delta Air Lines. So, it goes without saying that the opinions shared on FOT are hers and hers alone. She wishes it could go without saying, but hey, Legal runs a tight ship…