FOT v.8.0 Talent Management Power Rankings – Top 25 Blogs #FOT25

We are proud to present the eighth installment of the Fistful of Talent, Talent Management Power Rankings, as voted by the gang here at FOT. We believe our lineup is the best in talent/recruiting/HR/human capital blogs – compiled without the use of fancy SEO stats or complicated formulas. Click here to brush up on the original methodology. (but note that lineup of pollsters has changed)

In the 2012 season we are teaming up with FOT’s very own Steve Boese and counting down the Top 5 Talent Management blogs on a special edition of HR Happy Hour tomorrow, March 22 at 8pm ET. Join Steve as he and guests discuss the evolving HR blogosphere, in true Cassie Kasem fashion. You’ll also be hearing from some our Top 5 winners – perhaps even an acceptance speech or two, for their coveted award.

As we have done with past Top 25 releases, all FOT contributor blogs have been deemed ineligible for a spot on our list. With that in mind, be sure to add these folks to your preferred reader: Steve Boese at the aptly named Steve Boese’s HR Technology, Dawn Burke at HR Insomniac, Kris Dunn at The HR Capitalist, Paul Hebert at Incentive Intelligence and Tim Sackett at The Tim Sackett Project.

Let’s get to the list!

Ranking/Blog (power ranking | ranking on previous list)

25. Ask a Manager (power index ranking – 28)

24. HR Observations (power index ranking – 29 | v.7.0 ranking – #15)

23. True Faith HR (power index ranking – 30)

22. Know HR (power index ranking – 30 | v.7.0 ranking – #4)

21. HR Bartender (power index ranking – 31 | v.7.0 ranking – #2)

20. Seth Godin (power index ranking – 32  | v.7.0 ranking – #23)

19. Jason Seiden (power index ranking – 36)

18.  TalentedApps (power index ranking – 37)

17. 1.0 FTE (power index ranking – 37)

16. Free Range Communication (power index ranking – 38)

15. Evil HR Lady (power index ranking – 39)

14. Blog Maverick (power index ranking – 39)

13. Boolean Blackbelt (power index ranking – 43)

12. Compensation Force (power index ranking – 45 | v.7.0 ranking – #6)

11. Lance Haun [Life Between the Brackets] (power index ranking – 46 | v.7.0 ranking – #1)

10. Welcome to the Occupation (power index ranking – 48  | v.7.0 ranking – #17)

9. Everyday People (power index ranking – 51)

8.  HR Ringleader (power index ranking – 56 | v.7.0 ranking – #5)

7.  Joe Gerstandt (power index ranking – 57)

6.  Jason Lauritsen (power index ranking – 58)

5. Victorio Milian (power index ranking – 64)

4. Compensation Cafe (power index ranking – 67 | v.7.0 ranking – #9)

3. The Cynical Girl (power index ranking – 68)

2. HR Examiner (power index ranking – 80)

1. NoExcusesHR (power index ranking – 82)

Tune in to HR Happy Hour as we count down the Top 5 winners on Thursday March 22 at 8pm ET!

Missed the show? Check out the archive here.

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Holland Dombeck McCue
Holland Dombeck McCue is the former the Editor turned blogger here at Fistful of Talent. She joined the group in August of 2011 and launched FOT's podcast, The CYA Report, and monthly webinar series. Now she gets to participate in all the HR/talent pundit fun. Check her out on Twitter via @Holland_Dombeck.


  1. fran melmed says:

    what a great lot to be recognized with! thank you.

  2. Charlie Judy says:

    the suspense is killing me – congrats to those who are already on the list…well deserved all of you!

  3. Very happy to be on the list. Thanks.

  4. Mark Bennett says:

    The TalentedApps team is honored to be included on this list, which has so many terrific thinkers in the talent arena!

  5. This is amazing! I follow most of these suggestions.

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