5 Things You Need to Know This Week…

Kris Dunn HR, Kris Dunn, This Week in HR

Time to get started this week!  Here’s what you need to know…

1.  An unbelievable reach by the NLRB is dead for now – The National Labor Relations Board can’t require businesses to tell workers their union rights on a workplace poster while challenges to a judge’s ruling upholding the rule proceed, an appeals court said.

2.  The Supreme Court recently considered whether representatives of pharmaceutical companies who visit doctors’ offices to promote their companies’ products are entitled to overtime. The answer turns on whether those visits are sales calls or something else.  You better hope they say no, because the bottom is going to fall out if they say they’re entitled to OT.

3.  Friend of FOT Jon Hyman is now the featured employment law voice over at Workforce.com.  Check him out.

4.  Social innovator Nick Denton (founder of Gawker) is working on a system that will turn commenters into journalists.  Application to social efforts inside your company should be obvious.

5.  These classic Soviet propaganda posters could be the creative spark you need for your next HR communications campaign.  Dis Pravda.

Have a great week.