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So are your colleagues difficult to get a hold of? HR candidates MIA? Getting more emails with “out of office” on them than actual responses?  Well, it’s conference time and I am on this party train!

There are a lot of conferences and events to choose from.  I’m partial to anything local to the DMV, we are fortunate to have monthly meetings of HRA-NCA, Montgomery County SHRM, Prince William County SHRM, Leesburg SHRM, WTPF and recruitDC’s semi-annual events.  The topics at all are varied and what’s hugely important is the accessibility to HR and Recruiting pros of all levels.

But, I have a soft spot for NYC, so anytime I can find an excuse to get in to the city, I’m there.  Even better if I can score an evening Yankee game (which I will…guaranteed!)  I’m having a professional bucket list moment in the next couple of weeks as I get to attend HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition conference in NYC.  The conference is sold out, but you can still attend virtually…sign up here.

Why am I “in” to this conference? There are several reasons – I’ve always enjoyed the content on HCI’s website and been intrigued that their additional perspective offers to everything I’ve gleaned from SHRM, Workforce Management, ERE and others.  And now I’m getting to satisfy a professional bucket list moment with the opportunity to play hostess during the Candidate Sourcing & Technology Tracks on May 1st.  I am definitely planning on getting in on Glen Cathey and Eric Jacquith’s “LinkedIn – Beyond The Basics“, it’s tough to train the trainer, but I’m betting these sourcing guru’s have a trick or two that will surprise me.  I’m also incredibly excited to hear from HR leaders from McGraw Hill Companies, TD Bank, Prudential Financial, FutureStep and more.  Day 2 is incredibly impressive with Andrea Dundas from The Walt Disney Company, and an ending keynote from Paul Podesta (really speaking to Moneyball recruiting) and some guy from FOT…oh that’s right…the one and only Steve Boese presenting Innovative Talent Strategies for the New Economy.

I hope I’ll see you at HCI’s event, and if not, hear from you online.  It should be an interesting couple of days full of lively discussions revolving around sourcing and recruiting, and I’m excited to see what you enjoy most about the event.

Kelly Dingee
Kelly is an HR Pro focused on recruiting Temp and Executive Talent in the Hospitality Industry and a 10 year writing veteran on FOT.