Do Yourself A Favor, Hire An Intern

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There’s nothing I love more than a good intern, and I’m about to lose mine as soon as she finds a job.

Meet Betsy the Intern:

Betsy the Intern

Betsy the Intern is graduating in May.

I’m having a nervous breakdown.

Meredith's Freaking Out

Betsy the Intern has worked by my side for four years, and I’ve done my best to expose her to all things HR. She knows how to recruit, hire, discipline, fight The Man at bureau of worker’s comp, investigate thefts, manage social media, handle open enrollments, and has even dabbled in marketing.  Heck, I’ve had her manage our instant oil change store for a couple months when we were in a pinch (that’s what I like to call “hands-on” training).

But guess what else Betsy the Intern does for me… oh, I don’t know… EVERYTHING I DON’T WANT TO DO!

Betsy the Intern staples things.


Betsy the Intern grabs our lunch.


Betsy the Intern gets us more coffee and picks up dry cleaning.


Betsy the Intern listens to water cooler talk.


Betsy the Intern sorts through my email hoard.


Betsy the Intern carries heavy things in high heels.


Betsy the Intern finds needle-in-the-haystack resumes that I accidentally put in the wrong pile.


Betsy the Intern attempts to keep me organized.


I think these duties build character.

I’m not alone in making my interns do the crappy jobs I don’t feel like doing.  Holland told me about her internship, which included making popcorn three times per day (sole reason: “make this place smell like fresh popcorn”).

But I’ve taught her everything I know, and now it’s time to kick my baby bird out of the nest and let her soar in the HR world. She’s excited and wants to start the next chapter of her life. I can tell because she made me 200 new hire folders the other day so I would “have enough for awhile”. It was her way of telling me goodbye. Hire Betsy the Intern (she’s been trained really well and can staple like a champ). She’s ready for her big girl job (probably more ready that most interns since she’s been exposed to so much), and she’ll do a great. I promise.

I need to find someone to replace her who accepts payment in the form of circus peanuts and licorice, and I need someone who likes hanging out in my messy office. This won’t be an easy task.

All joking aside, I’m beyond sad that I’m losing her.  She’s become a good friend over these last four years, and I’ve really enjoyed teaching her about the real-life HR stuff college professors fail to mention in class (which is basically the entire job).

Do you like training interns? What silly duties did you have as an intern? Do you think interning builds character? Do you think students come out of school prepared for the business world without a good internship?

Meredith Soleau

Meredith Soleau was supposed to be a famous country singer, but her parents made her go to college and major in something “real.” She graduated with a B.S. in Business from the University of Toledo, and landed a gig as a Human Resources Director at a large car dealership in Ohio. After eight years of HR at a car dealership, she burned out, decided to sell cars herself, and has since launched her agency, where she specializes in finding blue-collar workers. Clearly she has plenty of stories. But the best stories are probably about Meredith, herself. Read them on her personal blog,, where she holds nothing back.

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