I See You, Amazon.Com – Nice Move. Almost.

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Okay. So some folks in the tech space and others in the recruiting or employer brand space are all in a tizzy. Jeff Bezos put a letter out on the Amazon.com homepage that essentially called out some of their recruiting programs. A recruiting focused message on the company’s homepage? Front and center, instead of products?! What?!


Kind of.

First, props to Amazon.com. I appreciate it when a CEO is willing to put some emphasis on talent. Recruiting talent. A talent centric culture. Retaining talent. Talk about it. A lot. PLEASE! I love it. You better believe I get into a massive flutter when our CEO talks about talent or people. It’s golden. And something that dominates the company’s front page? I swoon. I SWOON! Consider that traffic! Those eyeballs!

But let’s be honest. These days? Talking about jobs and recruiting isn’t solely about talent. My pal Susan Strayer got it right in this comment. Talking about jobs these days is partially a statement about economic impact.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s just that as a recruiting or HR function, you’ve gotta find a way to hitch your wagon on that ride but try to make it right and effective for you. Got thousands of jobs you’re recruiting for and in particular, you’re passionate about hiring vets or giving folks training opportunities along the way? Fantastic. But make it clear and easy to get to the call to action. Make it easy peasy to allow folks to apply to those jobs.

Which is where I’m a little lost on the Amazon approach. I asked my hubby to hop onto their website last night without any hint of why I was asking him to go there. All I said was, go to Amazon… and then I just asked what’s up with that letter. He read the first paragraph and then scrolled down the screen and then said… too long. And flipped back over to Facebook. Hmmm. Which got me thinking about the takeaways from this Amazon.com quasi-coup:

  1. If your company’s social responsibility efforts or policy advocacy efforts have any tie in to jobs, recruiting, talent, and more… align yourself. Leverage those efforts for your own purposes.
  2. Make sure your call to action is crystal clear in leveraging other people’s platforms – even if it’s your CEO’s.
  3. Execution, baby. It’s all in the execution. Great ideas are great ideas but if not executed in the right way, then you just have an idea. Sizzle matters. Brevity matters.

Not that I’m perfect. Not that I’ve seized every opportunity I could have within my own company. But I’m working on it. And I’ll keep pushing to get my agenda aligned to broader agendas. And eventually, I’ll get there. I promise. So Amazon.com… I’m on to you. Kudos for the move. I’m impressed, conceptually speaking. But I see you. And game on.

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee is a VP of TA at Marriott International where she leads a team that enables the company to think big, broad and boldly about all things talent acquisition and in effect, keeps them relevant and ahead of the curve in how they attract and acquire top talent. Don't be fooled by that fancy pants title and description though, she's still an everyday HR gal in the trenches at the core. SPHR certified, a decade and a half into trench HR life... she can whip up a corrective action plan or source for your purple squirrel in a heartbeat. Talk to Jessica via EmailLinkedInTwitter or Facebook... See Jessica's riffs and rants on Fistful of Talent here...