Kris Dunn offers A Quick Way to Make Traditional Performance Review Formats More About Employee Development…


Quick idea today from the front-lines on performance management.  Regardless of how progressive you are, most HR pros are in various stages of implementation with a performance system that has the following horizontal components:


-How we’re gonig to measure it

-How you did in the rating period in question


Read the whole post over at Kris Dunn’s The HR Capitalist (an FOT contributor blog)

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Kris Dunn
 Kris Dunn is Chief Human Resources Officer at Kinetix and a blogger at The HR Capitalist and the Founder and Executive Editor of Fistful of Talent. That makes him a career VP of HR, a blogger, a dad and a hoops junkie, the order of which changes based on his mood. Tweet him @kris_dunn. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard the good word, he's also jumped into the RPO game as part owner of a rising shop out of ATL, Kinetix. Not your mama's recruiting process outsourcing, that's for sure... check 'em out.

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