3 Ways Your Interview Process is Scaring Away Great Talent

KD and I were at the HR Technology Conference this past week in Chicago – if you get the chance to go you have to – it is different than any other HR Conference you've ever been to in a very good way!  While we were there we sat down with the gang from HireVue and hatched up another webinar idea – one that has nothing to do with their product (which is why we like them – they just tell us to come up with great content and they'll sponsor!) – but one that is badly needed by so many HR/Talent Pros!   Here's the concept – let me know if it sounds interesting:

You interview process can do a lot of stuff for you – select great talent, weed out bad talent, etc. – but one thing most companies don't use it for is setting themselves up as an “Employer of Choice” – KD and I came up with some great ideas and ways you can use your interview process to position your company as an Employer of Choice – things like:

– The 3 things you have to have present in your initial outreach to a candidate to prevent their B.S. meter from going off!

-5 Key features of a live interview process that will sell your company culture without having to put it on a t-shirt.

-The Top 7 Interview questions for uncovering great information, but at the same time subconsciously selling your company to the candidate.

Plus a ton more – including an audit that I know most HR pros love – I hate them – but this one will show you if you've got all the pieces you need to make this type of process fly in your company. buy cheap viagra

>Dawn Burke, VP of People at Daxko, and I will be teaming up to host this round – I can't wait, because Dawn is awesome!


So – what about those 3 Ways Your Interview Process is Scaring Away Great Talent we promised in the headline? Here you go – we don't like to disappoint…

1. Your using Panel Interviews (Panel Interviews suck – their impersonal and fraught with Group Think)

2. You and Your Hiring Managers are sharing different messages, which make it look like you don't have your shiz together. (Get on the same page, even if you just have to be on the hiring manager's page!)

3.  You're sharing a brand/culture that isn't consistent with what your employees are sharing socially.  Authenticity is paramount in the interview process – even if you don't have the best story to sell – sell them on how they can be part of the solution!  Pro sports teams that are losers do this all the time to get great talent (plus they overpay – that's a whole other webinar!).

Want the rest?

Register for Before the Rose Ceremony: How to Become an Employer of Choice Through Your Interview Process  – The Top 7 Interview Questions will be worth the cost – which is Free!

**This program,ORG-PROGRAM-124798, has been approved for 1.00 (General ) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.


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  1. Bruce Kestelman says:

    Hi Tim,

    There’s a discussion on LInkedIn that might be of interest related to panel interviews. The tribe agrees with your perspective. It might be helpful to see WHY. Passing along a link FYI.


    From the HR & Talent Executive Group

    “I’m considering doing a group interview for a sales position. When setting up the interview, should I tell the candidate that it will be in a group setting?”

    The discussion is a month old and still continues to get responses, now at over 130.


  2. Susan Penn says:

    Who doesn’t have their nightmare stories about how companies set up interview processes and scare talent away? Just recently, I was “selected” for an interview process which included the requirement to provide a stand up presentation to 7 people (never met previously), an additional ppt training (to same group) on a subject of choice, a 30 minute role playing interview with the SVP, a 1 hour “technical” interview, and a 1 hour “regular” interview. This interview would have required at least 10 days of preparation in regards to the presentation and training modules…all prior to having met anyone at that company. I pass.

  3. Kes Thygesen says:

    To add to number 3 — you should be using your current employees as advocates (assuming they are a good team). If you’re not letting your job candidates meet or see your team during the hiring process, then it makes it seem like you have something to hide.

  4. Josh Tolan says:

    Interesting webinar idea! Many companies think that a longer and more involved interview process means they hire better people. But they might actually be scaring away the best candidates, who know their value and don’t feel like spending hours demonstrating it in the interview, whether this interview is in person or through online video. If your interview process is smart, it doesn’t have to last for days.

  5. I agree with Josh that this is a relevant webinar. As a recruiter working with companies who have these laborious processes, it takes major effort to keep the good candidates in the game. You forgot to also mention the 2-3 hour personality tests and assessments in addition to 3-4 face-to-face interviews that so many companies are now including in their process. My biggest pet peeve is companies make the candidates jump through hoops and then when they are not selected, don’t even bother to call the candidate to tell them. In most cases just stop calling or send a generic email/letter. Common courtesy rarely exists.

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