5 Things You Need to Know This Week…

Holland Dombeck McCue This Week in HR

Hello and happy early Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. readers. Do you have big plans this week? I”ll be heading down to NOLA to celebrate my mom turning 50 – good times! Regardless of how you”re spending the holiday, give some thanks to these five re


1. Facebook Launches Social Jobs App. A new Facebook application has been launched, allowing recruiters to post career opportunities by industry, location and skill.

2. Jan Fields McDonald”s Fired President: “Everyone Has a Date Stamped On Their @$$”. Jan Fields spent 35 years working her way up the ranks at QSR giant, McDonalds, only to be let go after being blamed for disappointing sales figures. Putting her exit into perspective, Field states “Everyone has a date stamped on their @$$ and they”re the only one who can”t see it.”

3. Workers Take Aim with Walmart Strikes. Walmart Stores Inc. workers are beginning strike actions in a lead-up to Black Friday, citing company attempts to squelch efforts by workers speaking out for better jobs, according to a group called OUR Walmart.

4. Another Recruiting Lawsuit: This Time eBay. The U.S. government is suing ebay, citing that Meg Whitman, former ebay CEO, was involved in making an anti-competitive agreement that prohibited eBay and Intuit Inc. from hiring each other”s employees.

5. No Contract, No Twinkies [Video]. Twinkies popped up on eBay Friday as parent company, Hostess Brands, announced it plans to shut down for good, after battling unions for years and a crippling strike this week.

Have a great week, FOT Nation!