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Hello and Merry Xmas Eve! Enjoy these five hand-picked reads:

1. 'Irresistible' Worker Fired in Iowa: 'I Don't Think It's Fair'. Melissa Nelson, a worker fired for being “irresistible” to her boss, spoke out Saturday about a high court decision that said her termination broke no discrimination law.

2. Dot-Jobs Legal Dispute Ends With Win for Generic Job Board .Jobs. The ongoing legal dispute between job boards wishing to use the SHRM sponsored .jobs address has been resolved in favor of the job boards, allowing the 40,000 site network to continue to operate.


eeoc-unveils-its-plan-of-attack-for-2013-and-beyond/”>EEOC Unveils Its Strategic Plan of Attack for 2013 and Beyond. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has released its final Strategic Enforcement Plan for years 2013-2016.

4. 20,000 People Applied for 400 Flight Attendant Jobs at Delta. Despite low pay and tough work, 20,000 people applied for the 400 flight attendant jobs Delta.

5. How to Track Santa on Christmas Eve in 2012 [Video]. A stunning 25 million people from around the globe are predicted to follow Santa in real-time online, on mobile phones and tablets, by email and apps.

Cheers to a great week, FOT Nation! Hit us in the comments with your holiday plans…

Holland Dombeck McCue

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