Five Things You Need to Know This Week…

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Hello and happy NYE! Cheers to 2013 with these five hand-picked reads:

1. Why Perks Aren't Company Culture. One of the most misunderstood concepts in the business world is organizational culture; leaders should recognize that culture is a behavior and that it will evolve/change and cannot be forced.

2. FLSA: How to Make Sense of On-call and Waiting Time. A quick-hitting rundown on two sections of the FLSA every HR pro with non-exempt staffers should know about.


n Leads in Top Risk Factors for Employer Health Spending. According to a recent study depression ranks No. 1 in a list of leading risk factors and annual spending for an employee with depression is 48% more than that of an employee without depression.

4. “If you don't have anything great to say, say something.” Bant Breen, CEO of Qnary, offers his advice for Managing Your Inbox [Video].

5. Have big aspirations for 2013? Here's a Foolproof Method for Sticking With Your New Year's Goals.

Have a great week and Happy New Year, FOT Nation!