It's Christmas Eve, And I Need Your Answer On Our Offer – Today

Kris Dunn Kris Dunn, Recruiting

You know you've lost your soul in Corporate America when you make offers on Christmas Eve and because of Fortune 500-level politics, force candidates to receive and accept the offer by the end of the day.

It was me. I forced someone to accept the offer on Christmas Eve. Mix Lumburgh from Office Space with Tony Soprano, and you've got what I was dealing with.  More from my Christmas Eve tradition over at the HR Capitalist:

KD: Don, what's up?

Bossman/EVP (1B Line of business): Kris, glad I got you.  I'm ready to make an offer to the Director of Finance candidate we like.

KD: Sweet.  I'll call her today and let her know.  Nice Christmas present.

Bossman: Great.  Just one li

ttle catch.  I need to know today that she accepts.

KD:  You need an answer today? You know it's Christmas Eve and it's 12:30pm right now, correct?

Bossman – Yeah, I know.  But I just got word from a friend that corporate is thinking about making me take Sparkman from Atlanta as part of a succession plan, and you know what I think about him.  So rather than wait on that, we're going to move on Carol, and we need her to accept today so I can go into the next week and tell them that it's already filled when they call me.

Click over to the full post at the Capitalist to find out what happened.

You gotta love Corporate America.  What would you have done?

Hate the game. It's OK to hate the player too. Especially on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas, you corporate drones.

Kris Dunn
Kris Dunn is a Partner and CHRO at Kinetix, a national RPO firm for growth companies headquartered in Atlanta. He's also the founder Fistful of Talent (founded in 2008) and The HR Capitalist (2007) – and has written over 70 feature columns at Workforce Management magazine. Prior to his investment at Kinetix, Kris served in HR leadership roles at DAXKO, Charter and Cingular. In his spare time, KD hits the road as a speaker and gives the world what it needs – pop culture references linked to Human Capital street smarts.