Open Mic Night – HR Edition.

Ben Martinez HR

Calling all HR Lovers, Players and Haters. The time has come to embrace the digital era and take our profession to YouTube. After digging through trench HR jobs across the U.S. and Mexico I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly  about our trade. So I did what any good HR Pro would do… I wrote a poem. Then produced a song about it. My vision of this song is to inspire you to think. Maybe even laugh. Okay, definitely laugh.

By putting my thoughts in song form, I am also able to connect with some of the more auditory and visual learners out in the space as well. You’re welcome.

I have to give a quick shout out to t

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he vocals and music for this song is by Chad Evans. Thank you Chad for turning my words into a song – you have hidden talent. Your employer or someone cooler will figure that out one day!

Enough ramble. Check it out for yourself: The HR Brotha Song… (Email subscribers click through to see.)

Share it with others if you like it. Tell me it sucks in the comments if you don't. Either way, I will keep going for another day.

Ben Martinez

Ben Martinez is a self-proclaimed family guy, exerciser, and HR & recruiting journeyman. He has successfully worked in various HR leadership roles around the US and Mexico for Fortune 500 companies (specifically Pepsi, Honeywell, and Energizer Holdings Inc.). Most recently he was the VP of People & Culture for HireVue, where he hired 500+ people in almost five years using video, social media, and created the employment brand, VueNation in partnership with HireVue. Ben now runs his own consulting company, Secret Tech Sauce Talent, where he offers workshops, audits, and individually scoped projects to define, align and implement human capital strategies, programs and practices for your business. But wait…There’s more. Ben is above average when it comes to drinking coffee. He not only wrote the book on coffee networking, he founded a company focused on re-imagining coffee in the workplace and home – Sumato Coffee Co. His team will only roast your coffee beans within 48 hours that you order them and Ben will personally meet with you to make sure your HR and Talent needs are met along with incredibly freshly roasted coffee. His home base is in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.