I've Caught a Case of 'Newbulshit'

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There's something that I think most employees experience from time to time, that feeling like no one is listening to me! It happens to everyone from the CEO down to the janitor.  I'm sure the lower down the career ladder you go, the more you experience this feeling.  Many times it really isn't that people aren't listening.  In fact, you're probably being heard, it's just no one is acting upon what you're saying.  It is the one reason that it's so great moving to a new company!  You instantly feel smarter, because everyone wants to hear what the heck you have to say, and then magically they start doing that stuff!  It's also the reason so many people leave for another company, because after you've been around a while – maybe a year or so – you somehow become dumber.

I'm not sure what this effect is called – maybe we need to invent a name for it – we could call it – “Tenuritis”.

Tenuritis: An affliction you get when you've reached that point in your tenure with an organization whereas everything you say, every idea you have, is stupid.  (I feel sorry for Tim, his Tenuritis is starting to show when he speaks during the meetings.)

So, now we need a term for what we call the new kid coming in with all those bright ideas that no one has ever thought of?  Let's call this: “Newbulshit”.

Newbulshit: A phenomenon when you are new to an organization and ever

ything you say sounds like it came from the mouth of God.  (That was some great Newbulshit coming from Tim today at the meeting!)

I think both of those terms are suffice and accurate.

I wish I could say this is shocking to any of us, but it really is true.  I actually spend time coaching HR and Talent Pros on this concept, in terms of helping them gain further influence within their organization.  You see, there's a medication you can take, sort of an ointment you can rub on your Tenuritis, to help make you sound like you know what you're talking about again.  It's called competitive information… You see, competitive information is like crack for organizations – everyone wants some!  Competitive information is like Newbulshit, but with frosting and chocolate chips!

HR and Talent Pros can reverse the onset of Tenuritis by just delivering information about their competition.  Who is the competition hiring and why?  What are they using for their pre-employment testing?  How is it working?  Where did their marketing director go to and why did she go?  What are they paying their sales people and what does the structure look like?  Is it working?  Who would be the top 2-3 people we should be trying to lure to our organization and why?  It's really simple information that we come across every day in our dealings in HR and Recruiting.  Information we just kind of throw to the side – without ever knowing, we are throwing away the cure!

There must be a cure for Newbulshit as well – I've just haven't come up with on.  How about you, do you know of a cure for Newbulshit?

Tim Sackett
If you Google “Tim Sackett” you’ll find our Tim, and a truck driver chaplain. Our Tim is NOT the truck driver chaplain, although how awesome would that be if he was!? He is a prolific writer in the HR and TA space who just happens to also run an Engineering and IT contract staffing agency (HRU Technical Resources) out of Michigan. He also writes every day at his own blog, the Tim Sackett Project. Weirdly, he’s known as an expert in workplace hugging, which was kind of cool years ago, but now seems painfully creepy, but we still love him and he’s fairly harmless. Tim is also on the board of the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (ATAP), lifetime Michigan State Spartan fan, husband to a Hall of Fame wife, 3 sons, and his best friend Scout. He also wrote a book with SHRM called The Talent Fix, you can find it on Amazon.