Kindest Regards

I am super weird about people’s email sign offs.

I over-analyze everything, and I assume that the sender has a brain that works like mine, so I start picking apart the email, based on not only the content – but also on the email signature.

So just in case anyone ever feels like emailing me, I want to make it clear about what goes through my mind.


Even when I am not asking for anything, I find that my typical email response is a simple, “Thanks!”.

I “Thanks!” too much. I hate myself for this.

I’m probably not thankful that you need help analyzing a medical claim that isn’t getting paid (because you still have not sent in that one piece of paper the insurance company needs to process the claim). Actually, I should be saying, “You’re welcome!”, but since I type fast, and this is a short word, I just end up looking thankful all the time – even when I want to kick a kitten (since I have already told you four times that they need to know if you were involved in a car accident).


I have never really gotten into the word “Sincerely,”.

Sincerely just seems very insincere if it’s your go-to.

But sometimes I do say “Sincerely,” if I am correcting a mistake. Why? Because I am sincerely sorry when this happens, and I want the other person to know I accept responsibility.

🙂 or  ;0) or :/

Emoticons are dumb.

If we are buddies, or if you are using a bit of sarcasm, you can throw a smiley face at me. But when people send resumes or want me to try them out as a vendor, and they use an emoticon as a sign off, I sort of just disregard that person.

I know. It’s mean. But in my head, you are a huge idiot. I’m just being honest here.

And stop saying “LOL”. I know that isn’t typically a sign off. I just wanted to say it because it is irritating.


Hahahahaha! = Better


Okay, Kathy Rapp uses “Cheers!”, and it makes me super jealous of her coolness.

Kathy can get away with “Cheers!” because she is full of awesomeness and rainbows.  I, too, could probably get away with “Cheers!”, but I haven’t been brave enough to display this sort of coolness yet.

Do you know who cannot get away with “Cheers!”? Super stuffy HR people who just want to look cool.

If you are going to (basically) clink a wine glass with someone, you’d best have the personality to suit it.

I do.

Kathy does.

It’s pretty much hard to tell if we are drunk or sober at any given time.

Okay. Fine. Just me. I am the only one who seems like I am kind of drunk all the time.

Sorry, Kathy. You can no longer use “Cheers!”. I have stolen it from you. You are too sober acting.

Kindest regards,

If you have ever received an email from me that ended with “kindest regards,”… I hate you.

Maybe “hate” is a strong word. I just want to give you the middle finger. A middle finger filled with hate.

Yours truly,

This one freaks me out. I never use it.

“Yours truly,” truly feels like you want to get in my pants. It has sexual harassment written all over it.

Yes… my ego is really that huge.

Best wishes,

I “Best wish,” the crap out of people who don’t get the job.

I send the obligatory thanks-but-no-thanks email, and I sign it with “Best wishes,” because I truly do wish this person the best in their job search.

Ain’t nobody got time for being unemployed! And somehow, I feel like this makes them like me even though I know they are hating me for not giving them the spot.


Dear Reader,

That’s my list! And if you don’t like it, well, then, “Kindest regards,” to you. Jerk.

What do you use to sign off? And what do you agree with, disagree with, or think that I missed on the list?

Give me some feedback!



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  1. Doug Shaw says:

    Heh heh – I enjoyed reading this thank you Meredith. Cheers is my sign off of choice, and has been for years. Thanks works for me too, and you know what….I find myself using ‘Love’ and ‘With Love’ a lot more often nowadays too. And for sure – when I use ’em, I mean ’em.

    Cheers – Doug

  2. TJD says:

    I like simply “Best”, it’s easy, nice and ambiguous.

    As to “cheers” if you are not British you cannot use it, that’s the rule. I work a lot out of our London office and when American’s try to sound like Brits it unleashes quite the flood of mocking.

    I wish it could be simple like it was in my Army days. Sign off with “Over” if you are done with your piece and expect a response; and respond with “Out” if you are not seeking a response or ending the chain.

  3. Rachael says:

    I use ‘Cheers’ but I also have been known to dance on bars so I claim I have the right to use it…

  4. Ryan says:

    Awesome. Glad to see I’m not the only one who over-obsesses about how to close an email.

    “Best regards” is my usual go-to…though I suppose I can’t actually wish EVERYone my “best” regards. Perhaps “Better regards” is what most people should get? Maybe I’ll just stick with “thanks.”


  5. John says:

    I’ve been using “Cheers” since 1997. Now I just use “Best”

    What’s the rule for using something like “Late”?

  6. Deni says:

    All the best, my sign-off of choice. Seems same as saying Best wishes, but wishes seem so Disneyland, and most days my desk does not feel like Disneyland. Yes, I obsess over sign-off too and enjoyed this post.

  7. Kathi S. says:

    I have pondered this myself – at my current job I rotate “regards”.
    Either Kind, Best or Warm depending on who I am speaking to and the content involved.

    I may revert to Thanks if they have been helpful – or if I am being helpful (or trying to be) I may end with “Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.”

  8. Kathy says:

    With my employees I tend to sign off with “If you have any questions, or if I can be of any other assistance, please let me know.” It’s my way of staying approachable since the vast majority of my employees work off site.

    For everyone else, I use “Thanks” – unless they’ve really ticked me off and then I just sign my name.

  9. Audrey says:

    I use “kind regards” not “kindest regards.” Is that okay? I started using “kind regards” because I actually mean it, I’m a nice person, and just wanted to separate myself a little from the “best” sign-off. I totally agree with you about “cheers.” Takes a certain person and it works for them and it certainly does NOT work for some that use it too…hehe. So what do you think, “Kind regards?” Am I good to go? Or good to sign off?

  10. Charles Pixley says:

    Okay, you got me, Kind regards, is the standard and now will have to come up
    with a much better salutation.

    Onward and Upward,

    Go for it

    or maybe I should sign off with what’s really on my mind…

    Be a professional for a change – write me a thank you note.

  11. Terryl Bronson says:

    I almost spit out my coffee when I read ” a middle finger filled with hate” ha ha.

    I agree that your sign off should be something that matches your personality or profession. I worked with a guy who was a master sommelier and he would end with Cheers which made sense. Another person I worked with ended theirs with “Blessings” which I thought (and still do) was crazy but when I met him he was one o fthose namaste hippie types who also taught yoga. Again, made sense.

    I too say thanks but now I may change it to something a little more street like “Peace out” or ” Holla!”

  12. Steve says:

    I stole a sign off from a guy at my last company –

    “My Best,”

    not overly friendly or too professional, short, ez to spell, winner!

  13. Deb McClanahan says:

    Thanks, Merdith… this blog was a bright little light in my day. And I don’t think I’m so cool because I use Cheers as my sign off. I stole it from a very cool friend years ago, and like so many things it stuck.

  14. Kathy Rapp says:

    OMG Meredith! “awesomeness and rainbows”??? You make me sound like I’m skipping through a field with a bonnet on and a basket of flowers in my hand. I actually only use “Cheers” with people I WANT to drink with; otherwise it’s “Best” (no kindness or regards)…..but will throw in a “Later” or “Peace out” with people who get my warped sense of humor.

    So…Later and feel free to take on “Cheers”!

  15. ToddR says:

    One could probably write anything that comes to mind and by most accounts would serve as acceptable closing salutations. The myriad words and phrases can be mind-bending. The signal and spirit are far less in number: “correspondence complete.”

    Pay attention to the way guests on talk radio break off (NPR is guilty): “Thank your for joining us today….Oh, THANK YOU for having me.”

  16. Jamie Resker says:

    I used to use Best, but then I started thinking, “Best” what? Sounded incomplete. Now I use “Best to you” or “My Best to you” and if I’m corresponding with someone who is experiencing some difficulty I’ll say, “Sending positive thoughts your way”.

    I do appreciate being on the receiving end of “Cheers”!

  17. Mary Chasin says:

    Amusing article–LOL (oops, I mean hahahaha). My signoff is completely dependent on the email’s recipient–strict business usually “regards”; informal has many options (best, thanks, see you soon, stay in touch, etc.); good friends, often nothing; they know we’re friends and a “best” “kind regards” or anything else is just kind of ridiculous.

    Now, you’ve told us everything you don’t use, Meredith, but I’m curious about what you DO use and feel all warm and fuzzy about.

    Bottoms up!

  18. Wade Giles says:

    Made me laugh.
    I say kill the email sign off once and for all. That’s one less decision for me to agonize over (which I did when I used them).

  19. Emma Gregg says:

    Oh goodness. I loved this!
    “All the best, best wishes, best” are my favorites when dealing with non staff. If it’s just around the office emails,”Thanks!” all the way.

    I cannot stand “Regards” or “Kindest Regards”…and I see it all too often.
    This brightened my afternoon.

  20. Kayla Elliott says:

    I completely agree on “LOL”. I ALWAYS say “hahaha” because that’s literally the sound i would be making. you know, if i was actually laughing out loud. when something is truly funny, i type “oh my gosh, i was seriously laughing out loud at that!” because then they know i was serious about the hilarity of it all.

    i hate people who say LOL in real life instead of actually laughing. you are not texting me that i’m funny…

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