Want to be a good sourcer? Don’t forget where you came from!

A lot of you probably don’t know this, but I met my husband when I was a senior in high school.  We got engaged in college and married a year after I graduated.  Due to our humble beginnings and surviving on the salaries typical of retail workers, my engagement and wedding rings are beautiful but modest.  My husband’s brothers married a little bit further along in life and went the route of the big ol’ multi karat diamond with their wives.

This makes my husband periodically ask me if I’d like a new ring.  I know he’s getting ready to ask again because we’re celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year.

And my answer is always, categorically, no.  I look at my ring and I remember where I came from. Remembering where you came from is important in work too, especially for a sourcer.

After years of working as a one woman sourcing department, I am afforded the luxury of having a team.  And it is glorious to be able to delegate some of the time sucking tasks like email generation.

But every once in a while, I get to step back in to do some of this email generation. It’s an excellent reminder to go back to the basic sourcing tasks. When I start searching for emails, which often just takes a minute or two, I almost always uncover additional names and resources for sourcing.  The “Aha” moments always surprise me.

Now, this email generation has become part of my tiered sourcing strategy.  Candidates we’ve really liked for a gig? I pull their basic information and search for their email.  Or search their email to see where else I can find it online and is there anyone just like them online.

A little different.  But effective.

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Kelly Dingee
Kelly Dingee is a Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition for Marriott International. She has extensive sourcing experience having worked for Staffing Advisors (retained search), AIRS (training!) and Thales Communications, Inc., (cleared/telecom) and got her start in the profession while a full life cycle recruiter at Acterna (now known as Viavi). Lucky for Kelly, she had a boss who could see the potential of sourcing candidates from the web, and in 1998, she stepped into a newly created sourcing role. No truth to the rumor that she has a side business to help you push your resume to the top of Google search results…


  1. Diana says:

    Good tip on email generation, and I support digging back into the details once in a while (like applying for a job through your own ATS). LOVED the analogy with the diamond. My twist is my piece of the rock has a flaw – a reminder that even the best things may not be perfect.

  2. Steve says:

    Great article Kelly and related to so many different parts of the us, as humans, not just recruiters.

    I have been in recruitment for over 30 years now in Australia and spent a lot of time managing large recruitment firms with large teams. Last year I set up the In House Recruitment Group (In House Recruitment Group) and have a team of people doing the grunt work, however i often find myself in a position where I have to “jump back on the tools” which is enlightening. Every manager should do this on a regular basis! Its very important to not forget where you came from!


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