FOT Quiz: How To Spot A Fake Recruiter

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Sorry, HR and Talent Pros – this is an article for your Hiring Managers and your Executives.  Please pass it along to them – you can stop reading now.

There are two types of recruiters in the world.

1. The Recruiter you want – The Recruiter you want finds talent and fills your openings.

2. The Fake Recruiter – The Fake Recruiter you don”t want manages a talent acquisition process, getting you talent is secondary.

Sometimes these two types of recruiters are hard to differentiate to the untrained eye.  As a hiring manager and/or executive you might not have to work with your recruiters on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis – so it”s not your fault that you might not be able to quickly identify which type of Recruiter you have working for you.  That”s why we are here at Fistful of Talent — we are here to help!

Below, we”ve given you a list of questions to ask yourself to determine if you have a Fake Recruiter working for you:

The Questions

1. Does your casino online Recruiter ever pass along resumes to you that have not been screened for the job you have open?

2. Does your Recruiter give you weekly updates, with metrics, on how your position is progressing? Metrics to include but not limited to: how many screened resumes passed onto you to review, how many resumes screened, how many resumes applied, how many interviews took place that week, etc.

3.  Do your Recruiters have “activity” measures they are held accountable to on a weekly basis? (Outgoing phone calls, resumes passed on to hiring managers, Interviews, etc.)

4.  When you have an opening does your Recruiter come and meet with you face-to-face to discuss the particulars, even when it”s a position they have worked in the past?

5. If your Recruiter has not been able to find you any talent for your position after two weeks – do they meet with you to discuss other options?

6. Does your Recruiter let you know when what you are looking for is unrealistic, and negotiate things from you to help fill the position?

7. Does your Recruiter let you know that you are actually the one that owns the recruiting process and they are just the tool that helps you?

Answer Key

Answered “Yes” 7-5 times = You have a Real Recruiter

Answered “Yes” 4-3 times = You have a Recruiter who is trying to be Real, but still has Fake tendencies

Answered “Yes” 2-1″ times = You have a Fake Recruiter

Answered “Yes” 0 times = You should fire your Recruiter immediately

The reality is for most hiring managers and executives they have Fake Recruiters.  They have people who were hired as “Recruiters” but they somehow think that because they are in the HR Department, that means they don”t have to actually go out and find talent, somehow talent will magically find them.  These aren”t real Recruiters – these are Fakes.  I”m sorry you have a Fake Recruiter – if it makes you feel any better you”re not alone.

FOT Background Check

Tim Sackett
Tim Sackett SPHR, is the ultimate Mama’s Boy!  After 15+ years of successfully leading HR and Talent Acquisition departments for Fortune 500s and smaller technical firms, Tim took over running the contingent staffing firm HRU Technical Resources in Lansing, MI. Serving as the Executive Vice President, Tim runs the company his mother started over 30 years ago, and don’t tell Mom, but he thinks he does a better job at it than she did!  Check out his blog at Because he's got A LOT to say, and FOT just isn't enough for him.


  1. Anne says:

    Very interesting and to the point writeup. I hold 2 years experience in recruiting world but to be honest I stumbled whether to say yes or no to few questions :) I need to improve a lot.

  2. Tim,

    I agree to what you say in the article, except for one small item: if you answer “Yes” to this “1. Does your Recruiter ever pass along resumes to you that have not been screened for the job you have open?”, I would say this is a Fake recruiter, not a real one. This means that he gives you CVs he has not bothered to check, right and wants you to do the initial check (or his job)? Or did you mean something else?

    I understand from your answer key that the more “yes” you have, the more “real” the recruiter is.


  3. Ted Nicholas says:

    Spot on with the list.

    In my 10 years of HR Senior Management experience I also have found these challenging questions usefull
    1. Is this role needed any longer?
    2. Can this responsabilities of this role be fulfilled by an existing position?
    3. Are we sure we have designed the role to succeed in this organization set-up?


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