Summer Fun…Playing Marco Polo to find this Sourcer an ATS…that works!

playing marco polo in the pool

I think I’m at the end of my rope with my current Applicant Tracking System (aka ATS).  When it starts to hinder the company I work for and edge into the area of becoming our Achilles heel…it’s time to search the waters for another.  We’ve got 10 months to sort this issue out, so this summer we’re playing Marco Polo on the hunt for a replacement to solve the issues we’re having. My wants truly are simple.

I want an ATS that will offer my company’s candidates the best experience possible.

I want candidates to be able to submit a social media profile or a resume (or a link to either of these) and have it parse into the ATS and queue into the requisition file for review. I’d also like to make sure that the ATS retains the link.

I want this to be a 1 click, maybe 3 click total process for the candidate.

I want an unlimited character search box. That recognizes standard boolean logic.

I do not want drop down menu’s that put my candidates in a box.

What would be bonus?

I do want to save hours on the manual data entry my company is logging now.  There are so many other projects I could use our super smart team on.

I’d like our Careers Site to be Mobile friendly, meaning, when someone lands on it or is referred to it on their phone, it automatically converts them to a mobile view.  I’m really kind of over paying job board sites to give candidates the mobile experience I’d like the ATS hosting our careers portal to provide.

Easy conversion of data. I’ve found 1000′s of potential candidates over the last three years — our ATS is a treasure trove.  I need to be able to port that information to the platform that can provide the above.

We’re a bit needy, we like to customize, we aren’t corporate HR and our needs are different.  The right ATS will need to be up for the challenges we’ll throw their way.

Is this you? When I say Marco, you say Polo… want me to find you faster? Message me here or at the day job.

What do you want in an ATS?

FOT Background Check

Kelly Dingee
Kelly Dingee is a Strategic Recruiting Manager for Staffing Advisors. She has extensive sourcing experience having worked for AIRS, as a Sourcing Researcher/Technical Writer, performed contract sourcing for Thales Communications, Inc., and got hers start in the profession while a full life cycle recruiter at Acterna (now known as JDSU).  Lucky for Kelly, she had a boss who could see the potential of sourcing candidates from the web, and in 1998, she stepped into a newly created sourcing role. No truth to the rumor that she has a side business to help you push your resume to the top of Google search results...


  1. Polo!
    Hey Kelly, I’d like you to check out Talent Rover! It’s exactly the software you’re looking for, and it’s evolving the staffing industry beyond an ATS. Talent Rover is a fully mobile, cloud-based solution that integrates social media and combines a robust ATS with CRM, HRIS, online timesheet & expense reports and integrated accounting software.
    Talent Rover is customizable and was built specifically for staffing and recruiting professionals by veterans of the industry.
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  2. ToddR says:

    I know what all that I want in an ATS. I also know what my colleagues are looking for. Here are some lessons learned from our ATS evaluation: You really need to figure out what you know and what you don’t know about your own processes and methods BEFORE you start sitting through demos. No ATS will fit perfectly with your methods so a new ATS means new processes. Figure out which process/steps you’re willing to drop.
    Converting to a new ATS is serious business and it’s close to a short term full time job. Administrating the ATS is also a huge priority that is often overlooked. So, plan on having a role where someone is responsible for keeping the train on the tracks.

    If I was fully in charge of migrating to a new ATS, I would seriously consider hiring a person to be the system integrator – someone who doesn’t work for the ATS provider (<— essential that there's a buffer between integrator and service provider).

  3. Carrie says:

    I’m totally with you Kelly! Our ATS was recently acquired by Bullhorn, so I just finished a first round of evaluating other systems. I looked at 14 vendors, and have narrowed my list to four favorites: CATS, BrightMove, JobScience, and JobVite. I hope you will keep us posted this summer on the systems you evaluate and what you think of them.

  4. The HR Gypsy says:

    Kelly – Would you be able to tell us what ATS you’re using that you’re not happy with so that we avoid it, too? Or is that just wrong? @ToddR – I recommended Jobvite to a client (I’m a consultant for startups) and they had it up and running in no time. It really shouldn’t be a full-time job at all.

  5. Kelly Dingee says:

    Hey All…

    Thanks for the comments…I knew it wasn’t just me!

    Agree 100% that we need to have a firm grasp on our issues pre eval. That is what got us here, realizing all the issues we were trying to rectify were bringing us back to the ATS.

    Multiple people are talking jobvite, seems like they may end up in my queue for review.

    And after we replace our ATS I will name names, but for now I’m giving them the continued opportunity to fix their product.

    Kd signing out from Paris :)

  6. Kelly,

    I am the COO of iCIMS, your current ATS provider. It’s so hard to read some of these updates not because of the feedback… We work hard to get ALL feedback on our products and services… It’s the only way we get better. It’s more disappointing that we haven’t communicated well enough that many of these functions are either already available through free, real-time, system configuration. Or will be vastly improved in our 13.2 release, coming this fall, as improved mobile candidate capabilities are the primary focus of that release. I’ve asked your dedicated Client Relationship Director to connect with you to take on additional feedback and directly share what’s to come.

    This is great feedback and I think you’ll be impressed with what’s on the very near horizon from iCIMS so all the pain and resource noted above with transitioning systems will hopefully not be necessary! Enjoy your trip and thanks again!

    Adam Feigenbaum

  7. Kelly Dingee says:

    Thanks for joining in on this discussion. My people will be getting with your people on the list of issues we’ve had, or fails, to determine the next steps.


  8. Franny Oxford says:

    Kelly, I AM corporate HR and I’ve had the same frustrations. I’m eager to learn more both from your search for the right ATS, and from Adam at iCIMS. I keep thinking, hrmm, maybe I’m using it wrong. And maybe like Marco Polo, there will be untold treasures once I learn how to read the map.

  9. Kelly Dingee says:

    Just an update…..we’ve been unable to upload resumes via cut and paste (cut and paste!!) to our ATS since Monday….it’s Wednesday….and it looks like from the Help Desk response we’re not going to see any resolution until a fix is implemented Thursday night.

    Four days. Hundreds of candidates sourced. Can’t upload. This sucks.


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