Laurie Ruettimann searches for America’s Next Top HR Lady

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Years ago, I quit working in human resources. My main goal? I wanted to reform the image of HR. I started a blog, and I went out in the world as a speaker and writer. I tried to create a brand.

(In retrospect, what an arrogant and mediocre conceit to think that I could be the new “face” of human resources. That was my first mistake.)

I knew that I couldn’t reform human resources without reforming the body that represents over 250,000 global HR employees. That body isSHRM. So before anyone was paying attention to the social web, I grabbed the social media properties and gave them to SHRM’s leadership team — free of charge.

(That was my second mistake.)

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Laurie Ruettimann
Laurie Ruettimann is a former HR leader and an influential speaker, writer and social media expert in the Human Capital Management industry. She is also a career advisor and her work has appeared in many mainstream print publications and major news media outlets. Laurie blogs at The Cynical Girl and you can find her on twitter at @Lruettimann.

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