Happy #TimSackettDay 2014 – Give it up for Kelly Dingee

Cara Lucas Kelly Dingee, Tim Sackett Day

Today marks the 3rd—yes 3rd!—annual Tim Sackett Day. This year’s honoree is FOT’s sourcing queen—your very own Kelly Dingee.

Why is pretty obvious. Three key words here:

1. Research. Whether it’s finding talent for current opportunities, exploring new technologies related to sourcing and recruiting, or stalking your address on Google Maps (just kidding!)… Kelly’s really into it. And really damn good.

2. Smarts. By that, we mean she has them. For days.

3. Loyal.  Tradition is important to Kelly (see #10.5), but so is the commitment to keep the HR community up to date on the latest and greatest when it comes to finding quality candidates.

Learn more about Kelly here and here, and check back as we update all the 2014 Tim Sackett Day action here:

Happy Tim Sackett Day, FOT Nation!

Leave Kelly some love in the comments, and join the celebration on Twitter using the hashtag #TimSackettDay.


Cara Lucas
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