Paul Hebert wants you to Go Back To Sleep

PaulHebert 2013

We ALL need the breather. We need to rest a bit and gather strength.

We need to spend some time woolgathering and wrestling with big ideas such as how many angels can dance

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on the head of a pin or is twitter really driving sales? And we need to do these things without the pressure of deadlines and imagined (or real) disciplinary action from your manager.

Read the whole post over at Symbolist (an FOT contributor blog).

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Paul Hebert
Paul Hebert is the Vice President of Solution Design at Symbolist. Paul’s mission is to humanize the business relationships needed to drive greater employee, channel and customer loyalty. His is dedicated to creating true emotional connections often overlooked in our automated, tech-enabled world. Paul is a recognized authority on incentives and performance motivation. Want to know what’s going to motivate your people to perform at their best and impact the bottom line? Want to know whether your service award program really means anything at all? And are there psychological principles that drive your employees’ behavior? Paul’s your guy… unless you fervently bow down to Maslow.

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  1. Alex says:

    Don’t need a second invitation to do that!


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