Steve Boese says Listen to this: Data and Analytics for Hiring and HR

From afar, I have to admit for some time I have been a fan of Evolv, an HR technology company that has for the last few years been been doing some really clever and interesting things in the assessment, screening and analytics space.

Essentially, Evolv helps big organizations, like Xerox for one, understand the characteristics, experiences, and skills that tend to make people successful (and not successful) in a given job, and then helps organizations test for and hopefully hire, the kinds of people that meet (or come close to) those characteristics and therefore are most likely to be successful if they are hired.

Read the whole post over at Steve Boese’s HR Technology Journal (an FOT contributor blog). 

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Steve Boese
Steve Boese is fondly known to many as the HR Technology blogger. By day, he is the Co-Chair of Human Resource Executive's HR Technology Conference. He is also a former Director of Talent Management Strategy at Oracle and an HR Technology instructor. Steve can also be found hosting the HR Happy Hour Show and Podcast … you know, where a bunch of HR pros get together and call in to talk about HR stuff. Sounds like an SNL skit, we know. But when you have Dave Ulrich, the grandfather of HR as show guests, well, I guess you’re doing something right.  Talk to Steve via emailLinkedInTwitter or Facebook.


  1. Megan Burkett says:

    I just listened to an executive at Evolv discuss talent analytics on Huff Post Live and as a fellow recruitment analytics nerd I too think they are on to something phenomenal!

  2. MIke says:

    Evolv is doing some interesting work and at a high level, using analytics in the hiring process is good. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and they are far from the only company doing this. Indeed, Cambridge, MA based Talent Analytics, Corp. has been doing this work for large companies for over a decade.

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