John Whitaker says Baby Got Back

John Whitaker John Whitaker, Worldwide FOT

What about your back-end?

Excuse ME???

No, not that backend… I’m talking marketing life-cycle backend. Think in terms of your product and services – how do you continue to promote and differentiate a brand that is way past the honeymoon stage? What is your strategy for keeping a brand profitable in the mature stage?

What if your “product” is you?

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John Whitaker

“Whit” is an HR Business Strategist and Staffing Professional: he primarily works in the healthcare industry, because… healthcare. A Texan, he tends to amuse us (okay, he amuses himself) with colloquialisms and a cowboy’s view on our industry. John honed his HR chops at Alcon Laboratories and CVS Caremark before starting HR Hardball™ in 2010. He currently hangs his sombrero at DentalOne Partners where he has been fortunate enough to lead a world-class team of recruiting professionals. You can email Whit, find him on LinkedIn, or read more of his brain-droppings at