SHRM Annual Conference Summary #SHRM14

Laurie Ruettimann HR, Laurie Ruettimann

ORLANDO, Florida, June 24 — This is cub reporter Laurie Ruettimann reporting live from the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition. My beat is the world. My story is humanity. My subjects are the tired, the poor, the huddled HR ladies yearning to be free.

The mood at #shrm14 was uncertain, this week, as human resources professionals from around the globe tried to navigate the complexities of a new SHRM/HRCI landscape. Do they attend concurrent sessions? Do they care about recertification credits? Do they lounge by the pool?

This intrepid journalist dug up the answers:

  • They went to the pool and drank mimosas!

In other breaking news, the expo hall was bifurcated into two classes of vendors: the ones with money and the ones without. One wing of the expo hall housed the giants like ADP, CareerBuilder and Liberty Mutual. The other wing had cobwebs, a loud fan, and a lamp with a flickering fluorescent bulb. The second-class wing featured booths from your mom, a bunch of online universities, and the guy who keeps asking if you have enough life insurance.

  • You do.

Just as the expo floor seemed dull, this indomitable reporter stumbled onto a bunch of booth babes from a company called Gigats — a job board that is trying really hard to be something more than a job board. Young women in blue dresses were deployed on the expo floor like it was a low-rent auto show in Joliet, IL.

This intrepid correspondent was not impressed. What is this? HR Tech?

And if the attendees of SHRM14 wanted to hang out with young kids who are dressed to serve chicken wings and beer, they could do worse than to head over to the Strayer University booth.

So in summary: SHRM and HRCI are still fighting, the expo hall was a little lame, and there were booth babes in sensible wedges because, you know, it’s HR.

This junior stringer is honored to bring you the biggest breaking news from the 2014 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition: if you didn’t attend, you didn’t miss much.

Laurie Ruettimann
Laurie Ruettimann is a former HR leader and an influential speaker, writer and marketing advisor. Her work has appeared in many mainstream print publications and major news media outlets. You can find her on twitter at @Lruettimann.