John Whitaker lists 7 Lookouts When Inspecting Your Culture


Let’s conduct an investigation, shall we? Put on your houndstooth jacket, ascot, and thinking cap, and let us partake on an endeavor to assess the “real” culture of your company. That means bypassing the red herrings, smoke screens, false positives, and similar shiny objects meant to distract.

To help, here are 7 “lookouts” when you are defining your culture:

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John Whitaker
“Whit” is an HR Business Strategist, Executive Coach, and HealthCare Human Resources SME: His latest venture partners him with Avalanche BioTech, the clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on gene therapies that transform the lives of patients with ophthalmic diseases. A Texan, he tends to amuse us (okay, he amuses himself) with colloquialisms and a cowboy’s view on our industry. John honed his HR chops at Alcon Laboratories and CVS Caremark before starting HR Hardball™ in 2010 where he has been fortunate enough to partner with a slew of Fortune 500 companies interested in shaking their HR tree. His HR philosophy is "be visible, be vocal, be courageous."  You can email Whit, find him on LinkedIn, or read more of his brain-droppings at


  1. Great recruiters are highly skilled ethnographers.


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