Dawn Burke asks Leaders, Need Your Vulnerability Primed? Read This.

Dawn Burke Worldwide FOT

So, I hurt a friend the other day. This person won’t admit it fully, but I did. It was unintentional. It certainly wasn’t top of mind to make this person feel bad, that is just not how I roll. However, upon reflection, I may have been…OK I was…a touch passive aggressive in making a point.

Leaders, this really is cowardly.

Now, I can say we all do it. Which is true. And to give myself a bit of a break, I think some do it in our professional lives (most specifically) because we can be conditioned to avoid conflict at work. Worse, I think we do it OPENLY in our personal lives because; well…we take loved ones for granted. But that is a conversation we should all have over a bottle of wine.

Anyway – to be a good leader you must be a vulnerable leader. That means being very, very OK with saying you’re sorry when it is warranted.

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