VIDEO: Secret Sauce with Tim Sackett – How To Introduce HR Data To Your Organization For The First Time

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Welcome to our video series, Secret Sauce, brought to you by the awesome team at OutMatch! Each month, our host, R.J. Morris, will chat with a featured guest on ways you can apply predictive analytics and data to the people function of your business.

This month on Secret Sauce, R.J. talks to Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources, on simple ways you can be smart (and strategic!) in gaining credibility in your organization through real data. Tim also dishes on the one TA metric you should always have on your radar!

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RJ Morris

I have spent the last 20 years of my professional life advising leaders to make great talent decisions to drive business results. In my current gig, I lead talent acquisition and management for a multi-billion-dollar, 100% employee-owned construction company. I geek out on analytics, succession planning, etc. and love it when we position folks to do their best work. That’s fun stuff. I tease bad HR people, because I think we can all do better, myself included. That’s fun, too.