L&D Hangout: How To Develop Training For Recruiters

Most companies have a Talent Acquisition function. Guess what they don’t have? Effective training for recruiters. 

FOT insiders Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett jumped on a Google hangout with the good folks at Meridian Knowledge Solutions to talk about best practices in developing training for recruiters. Bringing to the table some great experience, the hangout crew discussed, among other things, the following:

—How your training strategy depends on what type of recruiter you’re hiring and the specialization of your recruiting function.

—The most important components of a training platform for recruiters

—How to link training to ongoing coaching and performance management efforts

—Why the right training approach can be viewed as an investment in career development by your recruiters

 Check out the video below for more (email subscribers click through for video!)…

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Kate Weimer is a Marketing Lead at Kinetix, specializing in social media recruitment marketing and account management. Using a combination of her background in social media and love for the written word, she’s shoving all buzzwords aside and making HR and recruitment marketing work in today's digital world. Want to hang? Hit her up on Twitter or LinkedIn , or email her at kweimer@kinetixhr.com.


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