(FOT Webinar!) The Forgotten Majority: 7 Techniques to Trump Up Your Hourly Hiring

In 2017 there will be over a thousand webinars on how to hire more IT talent, 15,285 blog posts on how to hire more IT talent, 100s of new technologies will be released on how to hire more IT talent. You won’t see a fraction of that help when it comes to hiring Hourly Workers! Why?

The majority of hiring done on a daily basis by most companies around the world is in hiring hourly workers, yet almost no one spends time on how to make this easier or do it better. This webinar, brought to you by our friends at Smashfly, is designed to help our brothers and sisters in the trenches who are out there every single day, doing all the dirty work in their organizations. Those recruiters and talent leaders who are responsible for hiring the masses!

Tim Sackett loves the people! The real people, who go to work every single day and keep our organizations running like a well-oiled machine, not those pretty boys sitting behind a computer screen who have no idea what we really make and do on a daily basis! Can you hear that music playing in the background? “America, America, God shed His grace on thee…” (Okay, he’s off his rocker, but you get it, he loves this stuff!)

Join us on Thursday, April 27th at 1pm EST (12pm Central, 10am Pacific) for The Forgotten Majority: 7 Techniques to Trump Up Your Hourly Hiring (Click to Register)

What you’ll learn from FOT’s first webinar on better hourly hiring:

–7 things you can start doing to increase and simplify hourly hiring in your organization
–3 ways top organizations are leveraging technology to do massive (over 1,000 hires per year) hourly hiring
–Pitfalls most organizations fall into when hiring hourly workers, and what you can do to make sure you don’t go down this path

You don’t want to treat your hourly hiring needs like a last minute thought, and we at FOT want to give you the tools and insight you need to build that strategy! So join us on Thursday, April 27th at 1pm EST (12pm Central, 10am Pacific) for The Forgotten Majority: 7 Techniques to Trump Up Your Hourly Hiring (Click to Register) and we’ll give you the benefits of utilizing CRM technology in mass hiring, along with so many other tips, tricks, and techniques.


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Tim Sackett
Tim Sackett SPHR, is the ultimate Mama’s Boy!  After 15+ years of successfully leading HR and Talent Acquisition departments for Fortune 500s and smaller technical firms, Tim took over running the contingent staffing firm HRU Technical Resources in Lansing, MI. Serving as the Executive Vice President, Tim runs the company his mother started over 30 years ago, and don’t tell Mom, but he thinks he does a better job at it than she did!  Check out his blog at www.timsackett.com. Because he's got A LOT to say, and FOT just isn't enough for him.

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  1. angela alma says:

    #Tim your post is about the real issue of businesses, hiring is one of the crucial process of every organization. Hiring process require lot of time, best and efficient recruitment management can be done by Recruitment management software that can save your hours and give pool of talented ones.

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