I Still Don’t Have TSA Pre-Check! Why Procrastination Blinds You From The Basics.

I usually travel about 10 times a year. Not enough times to earn me a cocktail in the super-secret, velvet-rope sky lounge, but all-in-all, a lot of times. So, get this. I still don’t have TSA pre-check. I suck. My husband, who flies for work maybe once a year, got pre-check last year.  He does not suck.

Today my husband and I are traveling on vacation and, because the Gods decided to throw me a bone, I won the magic TSA pre-check lottery and gave it a whirl. Good. God. I mean, the Kingdom and the Power…and GLORY were mine! Forever and ever, Amen.

Bo didn’t even have to say “I told you so” (but he wanted to).

50% of the time I am a procrastinator.  And I am not a “I work best when I procrastinate” procrastinator or a “working too close to a deadline makes me more creative” procrastinator.  I’m a “Holy crap/I can’t sleep/ What have I done?” procrastinator. For instance, with TSA pre-check, I never prioritize registering until the day before the flight. See?

I had to ask, what’s wrong with me?  I live in a city that offers TSA pre-check registration. I mean, it’s a 5-minute drive in my suburb.  I’m definitely not anti-pre-check. So, what is wrong with me? Nothing. I’m like hordes of others who forget the basics. I, like hordes of others, who enjoy (?) the cyclone that is worklife, procrastinate doing the easy stuff—much to my detriment.

So, what are the basics in HR we tend to procrastinate to our detriment?

  • Implementing HR technology. Not super-easy, but not super-hard. And yes, this is a basic.
  • Prioritizing regular 1-on-1 with your employees. Guys, investing 20 minutes every week with your employees reaps too many benefits to post here.
  • Utilizing your brokers to keep you informed of new employment rules, regulations, healthcare laws. Why do we take on this research if we are paying someone else to do it?

And when you are on a team and procrastinate too much, you hold the rest of your team hostage if they are planners, non-procrastinators, or folks that have boundaries with the amount of work they “take on”.  You are a crappy “bottleneck”.

So here is the deal –

If you are a procrastinator you have a few choices. 

  • Continue to procrastinate, but take on less.
  • Quit procrastinating, and accept you’ll have to change this habit, which takes planning, work and discipline
  • Continue to stress. I mean, it is still an option and they have meds to help you sleep.

I’m an advocate of option 2.  I mean, good luck with option 1.  And option 3…oof.  I mean, if divorce is also an option for you, this could work for you.

I’ll keep you posted on TSA pre-check status.  I’d love to read your comments on how y’all keep up with the basics.

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Dawn Burke
Dawn Burke is an HR Leader, speaker and writer, specializing in new HR practices, engagement and workplace culture.  Her HR career has spanned the last 20 years, most recently serving as VP of People for Birmingham, Alabama's award-winning technology company, Daxko. That’s right – the very DAXKO that our very own KD is an alum of, because there are only so many people in the big B’ham who are worthy of a VP of People title. A true Generalist, she’s done a little bit of everything, but recruiting and training is where she gets her mojo. She’s based in the good ol' blogging capitol of the south, Birmingham, Alabama, where you can frequently find her listening to the Beatles and REM, watching Breaking Bad reruns (and Snapped and Dateline), enjoying serious amounts of coffee (and cheese, but not together!), dreaming of where she will travel next, and wondering how in the world this theatre grad ever got into football or HR…Check out her blog at dawnhburke.com or talk to Dawn via emailLinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter

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