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Taking the long route gives you perspective. A career is long and perspective is what you need to make good choices about your career path. It’s easy to look for the shortcut, as you would look for the shortcut to getting home fast after work, but there are few shortcuts to a good career.

Instead, you should appreciate that you have a route to take and create options.

The other day I had a big interview with a stud technology company. Humbly speaking, they liked me, and at the beginning of the interview, I wanted them. After the interview, I took the long route home…

I took a different route home and let the thoughts come into my head and just listened. Good or bad, I listened and kept driving.

The thoughts of giving up part of my soul and beliefs for this company crept into my head. They wanted 110% of me and a big part of my family time. No podcasts, no side hustle coffee businesses or consulting, less family time and all that. The long route was bringing all the big questions out.

The long drive alone with your thoughts helps when you can’t reach that friend on the phone for advice. It is you, the road and your thoughts.

By 2PM, I was in a good place and stopped at a new coffee shop in my neighborhood to get some work done. Oddly, I ran into two guys I know, and guess what they were doing? They were playing hooky from their day job at another big shot tech company and they were working on their side hustle. My long ride ended with a good discussion about tech, companies and corporate life over coffee with these two gents. Serendipity? I don’t know; but refreshing, to say the least.

With your career, it is your job to align yourself and create options. Believe in yourself, more than any corporate career ladder. Don’t complain about being poor or without money. Create options. Careers and wealth are not about money, they are about options—options to do what you love and take the long route home.

The long route home gave me the answer. I got home late but I had my answer.

Guest: Ben Martinez

Ben Martinez is a self-proclaimed family guy, exerciser, and HR & recruiting journeyman. He has successfully worked in various HR leadership roles around the US and Mexico for Fortune 500 companies (specifically Pepsi, Honeywell, and Energizer Holdings Inc.). Most recently he was the VP of People & Culture for HireVue, where he hired 500+ people in almost five years using video, social media, and created the employment brand, VueNation in partnership with HireVue. Now Ben consults with companies on talent attraction, recruiting and HR with his company – Secret Tech Sauce Talent. Ben is also above average when it comes to drinking coffee. He not only wrote the book on coffee networking, he founded a company focused on re-imagining coffee in the workplace and home – Sumato Coffee Co. His team will only roast your coffee beans within 48 hours of your order and Ben will personally meet with you to make sure your HR and Talent needs are met, along with incredibly freshly roasted coffee. His home base is in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

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  1. What’s one rationalization you made about going back corporate before you received clarity?

    Agree – drives with no radio are the best.


    1. The idea of working to make someone else rich with little to no % equity. The freedom to work 100 hours on work that drives me and adding value to a client through my consulting company (Secret Tech Sauce Talent). Experimenting and trying something out with Sumato Coffee and applying what I learn w/ clients.

      Running your own shop and e-commerce company teaches you to work like you need a job and hunt for your next dollar. This is a purposeful and engaging way of doing work. It is very refreshing to see your hard work pay off over the long haul.

      There are downsides too – I will have to save for another post…

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