hiring athletes

Why Athletes and Musicians Make Better Employees

All things being equal, if I have the opportunity to hire a musician or an athlete over a non-musician or athlete I’ll do it.  Every time.  Remember those piano lessons… Get the Rest


In Defense of HR

What a surprise---another article on why HR is the root of all that's evil and wrong with our organizations. It's beginning to feel like if it's a slow

Bad Habits

Top 3 Organizational Bad Habits and How To Break ‘Em

Leaving the toilet seat up (in a house full of women).  Talking with your mouth full. Eating a dozen doughnuts at 2AM. Drinking too much. Sensing a pattern?


Tired of Complainers? How About You Offer Bundled HR Service Plans.

Imagine you've just invested a ton of time and money designing and implementing an employee engagement survey so that you can get a real sense of what's going


Are You In The Trough of Disillusionment?

I have a confession to make… I actually learned something about HR from an IT guy!  Shocking, isn’t it?  I was recently chatting with Nate McBride (go check

smart phones

How Smartphones Are Dumbing Down Your Company

It pains me to even write the headline for this blog. But the truth is, the technology that's made work more efficient and connected us in ways that

PTO Policies

Why You Should Eliminate Your Paid Time Off Policies

Let's meet Bill: Bill's a hard-working guy who always meet his goals (sometimes exceeding them). He's more than willing to help out others on his team, and he regularly

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.34.17 AM

Random Thoughts as I Thaw Out My Brain…

Random thoughts on the work world as I thaw out from shoveling for the fourth time in a week... I really hate that some hiring managers still think there

HR Would You Rather

HR Drinking Games

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done in a long time— I played a drinking game.  You remember drinking games, right?  It’s when a bunch of twenty-somethings

Innovation in HR

Dear HR Pro: Please Don’t Kill Innovation. Thank You.

Thought that title would get your attention! Believe it or not, this isn't going to be an HR-bashing post. The lifeblood of an organization is going to lie