smart phones

How Smartphones Are Dumbing Down Your Company

It pains me to even write the headline for this blog. But the truth is, the technology that’s made work more efficient and connected us in ways that we never… Get the Rest

PTO Policies

Why You Should Eliminate Your Paid Time Off Policies

Let's meet Bill: Bill's a hard-working guy who always meet his goals (sometimes exceeding them). He's more than willing to help out others on his team, and he regularly

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Random Thoughts as I Thaw Out My Brain…

Random thoughts on the work world as I thaw out from shoveling for the fourth time in a week... I really hate that some hiring managers still think there

HR Would You Rather

HR Drinking Games

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done in a long time— I played a drinking game.  You remember drinking games, right?  It’s when a bunch of twenty-somethings

Innovation in HR

Dear HR Pro: Please Don’t Kill Innovation. Thank You.

Thought that title would get your attention! Believe it or not, this isn't going to be an HR-bashing post. The lifeblood of an organization is going to lie

Parental leave in the US sucks

Parental Leave in the US Really Does Suck

Pop Quiz: What does the United States of America have in common with Papua New Guinea and Swaziland? Well, pretty much nothing at all EXCEPT, according to a study

Honest Friday

Forget Casual Friday. What You Really Need is Honest Friday!

You've all heard of causal Friday, right?  You know, the day of the week when Bob wears his ripped Wranglers and Julie thinks it's Saturday night and leaves

wasteful meetings human resources

Meeting Madness! The 4 Biggest Time Wasting Meetings You’ll Find

I'm going to throw three numbers out at you:  30, 32, 34.  Any guesses on what they represent?  (Get your mind out of the gutter... they're NOT a

performance management race

What 24 hours Living in a Van Taught Me about Performance Management

It seems like everywhere I look these days there’s a book or company out there promoting the merits of “social” performance management, the “crowd-sourced” performance review or some

Britain Royal Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries and Retention Strategies

Last week was my 5th wedding anniversary and although life is a different these days with an 18-month-old running around, we did manage a small celebration to mark