HR Bashing

HR Bashing: Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down

There seems to be some recent articles about CHRO roles being eliminated and HR reporting to CFOs/CEOs. These articles seem to say we aren’t good enough, smart enough and—gosh-darn—people don’t like us. HR Perfect?… Get the Rest

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Re-Entry Is A Bitch

I’ve been off the blog grid for a long time. Why? These words come to mind: Life. Work. Focus. Depletion. Writer’s block. Fatigue. Apathy. Boredom. Regurgitation. Extra-work. My soul---not


Dawn Burke talks #SHRM14 and The Livin’ Is Easy. Stuff To Make It Easy (er).

We’ll make this nice and easy. SHRM National is big. This ain’t your local conference.  To navigate big, you need to logistically think small.  If you logistically think small,

old is new resume

New resume cool? The old-fashioned hard copy?

We all like new and shiny.  Call me nuts—but is it possible the newest and shiniest resume style is the old-fashioned hard-copy?  Somebody poke holes in this please,

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Hipster Bias > Another HR Hurdle?

So, I was talking to pal in the tech industry describing an interview they had.  In this interview they met a fabulously talented person. Top notch. Them:  “They are

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yes, yes, YES! Improv play gives your HR team a kick

You know the restaurant “yes, yes, YES” scene in When Harry Met Sally?  Don’t you love it when the older lady turns to the waitress and says, “I’ll

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Three HR Guidelines That Keep Me Out Of Therapy

I was at an HR executive forum not long ago.  Great group, smart folks, lively conversation.  Over lunch we discussed HRIS systems, payroll woes and other typical HR

the kids aren't okay

If The Kid’s Aren’t All Right –Fix Your Time Management

I turned 40 and I am going through a mid-life crisis.  How do I know, check this out.  I also learned that engagement is a simple matter of

divorce HR team

Best HR Execs Gladly Divorce Their Teams

I’ve been grieving a loss.  A loss I instigated.  I decided to divorce my HR team. Did you know research shows the average time it takes to get over


Zumba: Cult or Most Engaging Product Ever

For some reason this is hard to admit. I’ve started going to some Zumba classes.  I heard the hype, but really didn’t think too much about it.  And