Dawn Burke says Thanks Is Better Than Seat At Table

Some HR Pros aspire to have a seat-at-the-table.  That’s cool.  It’s a great ambition to have. I’ve been at the table, I’ve been off the table, I’ve been at the… Get the Rest


Control Your HR World With These Princess Leia Tricks

You say you’ve lost control? You’ve never had control. But you can’t let that stop you. You’ve got work to do---good work. You’ve got people who depend on


Read It And CHEER: BEST Candidate Response Ever

Yesterday my recruiter received the GREATEST candidate response to a rejection notice I’ve seen as an HR pro. For context: this candidate’s experience/salary requirements weren’t as great a


Dawn Burke asks Leaders, Want Some Humble Pie? Record Yourself on #fistfuloftalent

Good leaders > Get Over Yourselves.  If you get out of your head, you can nurtureothers.  So… Since my blog is about real.life.hr – I thought I’d start this


The HR Gateway Drug = Candidate Experience

Today we are gonna stir the pot a little on a topic most HR pros still need a 101 on---it’s called Candidate Experience (CE). My company, Daxko, just

don't care

Your C-Suite Doesn’t Care About Onboarding

(But I’m still gonna give you tips on how to onboard properly; it’s coming a little later) Onboaring is important, but not as important to your CEO as you


Candidates Who Over-Talk May Need To Work Elsewhere

“You talk too much. You never shut up.” - Run DMC To shut a candidate up or not to shut a candidate up? That is the question. A question,

back to basics

Top RECRUITER (Not Recruiting) Fails

As a VP of People I’m responsible for lots of things. Although my People Team is responsible for all HR competencies (recruiting, training, comp, benefits, employee relations, culture) the

but its hard

HR Fatty > Make Some Tech Decisions And Take Action

My HR and leader-friends, I am going to make a bold statement. I think technology scares the hell out of us. That fear is spooking us into lethargic,


Dawn Burke talks Late Preppin’ For #SHRM15 Conference: No Sweat

I’m busy. You’re busy. You are probably sitting in the airport on your way to #SHRM15 going what.the.hell.  I’m not ready.  Where do I go.  I just sat at gate