Dawn Burke is telling you to Deliberately Disrupt Your Comfort Zone

“I gotta go through the fire and brace the flame, let it burn real deep to get over the pain, I gotta break through.  I gotta break through.”  —My girl, Mary… Get the Rest

recruiting trenches

Real Life Recruiting From The Trenches: What Keeps Us Up At Night

You read a lot about talent acquisition (that’s what fancy people call recruiting) from consultants, agencies and analysts paid to attend conferences. Who don’t you hear from? Corporate Recruiters.


Dawn Burke shares Candy Everybody Wants: Easy Connections at Work

The following is a guest post I had the pleasure of contributing to the  WorkXO blog, Culture Chat.  WorkXO is a new start up dedicated to humanizing the


Dawn Burke asks “Are Your L/D Programs Binge-Worthy?”

Want your training programs to channel the addictive quality of House of Cards and Breaking bad…? Watch this great Learning and Development Hangout with me and Art Minnow.  Brought

next great hire

Your Next Great HR Hire? A Marketing Pro.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Shifting work landscapes has demanded HR shops, including the recruiting function, change their value prop from policy police to talent acquisition, engagement and


Dawn Burke asks Leaders, Need Your Vulnerability Primed? Read This.

So, I hurt a friend the other day. This person won’t admit it fully, but I did. It was unintentional. It certainly wasn’t top of mind to make


Dawn Burke talks License To Ill: I Suffer From Chronic Illness ; Still Thrivin’

I have Ankylosing Spondylitis: scary name for a crappy condition. Now it’s out there. To know me, you need to know I suffer from chronic illness. I have since

facebook kickin

HR TIP: Facebook Still Kickin’ And Working

I had an HR Pro who totally “gets it”---whom I really, really like and completely respect---tell me he doesn’t do Facebook. Hmmm. Actually, I get it and don’t


Dawn Burke says Thanks Is Better Than Seat At Table

Some HR Pros aspire to have a seat-at-the-table.  That’s cool.  It’s a great ambition to have. I’ve been at the table, I’ve been off the table, I’ve been at


Control Your HR World With These Princess Leia Tricks

You say you’ve lost control? You’ve never had control. But you can’t let that stop you. You’ve got work to do---good work. You’ve got people who depend on