Creating Connections That Matter: Will Glassdoor Ever Adopt the Netflix Model?

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Two topics that have been gracing the HR and recruiter headlines lately – for better or worse are Glassdoor’s sale to Recruit Holdings and AI. For me, Glassdoor is a partner I love to hate. I love that it’s a channel that leadership “gets” and wants to talk about related to my area of work, but I hate it because …

Burn All The QR Codes Down And Follow MarTech To Stay Ahead Of The Recruitment Marketing Curve

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The first episode of Shark Tank aired in August of 2009 and I’ve been following it ever since – mostly in syndication and mostly wondering “why I didn’t think of that?” While I love when passionate entrepreneurs land a big deal, it pains me to watch when people have not done the homework and get chewed up and spit out …

Word Of The Day: Recruitment Enablement

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I recently left the recruitment space for a stint back in B2B marketing and what I walked away with was a renewed look of how we should be thinking about recruitment and the way non-recruiters should view their role. The philosophy of the team I recently left was simple – if you’re not in sales, then you’re in sales support. …

Recruit Like A Marketer: A/B Test Your Job Descriptions

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If you’ve read it in a blog post once, you’ve seen it re-tweeted, re-shared and re-posted 1000x. Recruiting=marketing. Or to some degree, recruiters should adopt elements of marketing into their strategy for continued success. But any marketer will tell you, all that glitters isn’t gold. While it’s easy to want to do the fun, shiny and WOW factor things, most …

vendors work for you

PSA: Your Vendors Work for You

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I received an email just before 8am yesterday morning alerting me, and one of our division Chief People Officers, that a recruiting ad for one of our media properties had been served up on Breitbart News. The ad had been brought to the Communications team’s attention via a tweet stating that our reputable media company probably didn’t want to be …


Employment Branding:1, Falcons:0

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If you’re a Patriots or Tom Brady fan, you’re on cloud nine after that history-making comeback. For others, it was election night all over again. For an ATLien, it was heartbreaking to watch our guys give it their all and then squander a 25-point lead. But the Super Bowl is bigger than a football game, and the mic drop typically …


People at Holiday Parties are Talking About HR Tech, Employer Brands and Suvees

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Yesterday I should have knocked out a few hours of work and put the finishing touches on my 2017 strategic plan, but instead I woke up at 8:30, finished Anna Kendrick’s memoir with a cup of coffee, then fell back asleep to the melodious voices of Property Brothers on my television. I didn’t brush my teeth until somewhere around 11:30. …

Snapchat, Mug Shots, & Brand Ambassadors

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A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student hit a police car while sending a selfie of herself to her boyfriend on Snapchat. Yikes. Enjoy that phone call to mom and dad. Luckily, no one was hurt. Except for the teen’s ego, I’m sure, after the Bryan Police Department decided to make an example out of her and tweet her mug shot …

Candidate Referrals – The New Side Hustle?

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Have you heard of Indeed Crowd? I had not until last week, when stumbled upon it during my weekly rabbit hole of consuming industry news. Basically, Indeed Crowd is crowdsourced recruiting platform where anyone can refer candidates to fill open roles supplied by other Indeed clients. In return, Indeed provides some cash money (up to $5K in some instances!) if …