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PSA: Your Vendors Work for You

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I received an email just before 8am yesterday morning alerting me, and one of our division Chief People Officers, that a recruiting ad for one of our media properties had been served up on Breitbart News. The ad had been brought to the Communications team’s attention via a tweet stating that our reputable media company probably didn’t want to be …


Employment Branding:1, Falcons:0

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If you’re a Patriots or Tom Brady fan, you’re on cloud nine after that history-making comeback. For others, it was election night all over again. For an ATLien, it was heartbreaking to watch our guys give it their all and then squander a 25-point lead. But the Super Bowl is bigger than a football game, and the mic drop typically …


People at Holiday Parties are Talking About HR Tech, Employer Brands and Suvees

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Yesterday I should have knocked out a few hours of work and put the finishing touches on my 2017 strategic plan, but instead I woke up at 8:30, finished Anna Kendrick’s memoir with a cup of coffee, then fell back asleep to the melodious voices of Property Brothers on my television. I didn’t brush my teeth until somewhere around 11:30. …

Snapchat, Mug Shots, & Brand Ambassadors

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A 19-year-old Texas A&M University student hit a police car while sending a selfie of herself to her boyfriend on Snapchat. Yikes. Enjoy that phone call to mom and dad. Luckily, no one was hurt. Except for the teen’s ego, I’m sure, after the Bryan Police Department decided to make an example out of her and tweet her mug shot …

Candidate Referrals – The New Side Hustle?

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Have you heard of Indeed Crowd? I had not until last week, when stumbled upon it during my weekly rabbit hole of consuming industry news. Basically, Indeed Crowd is crowdsourced recruiting platform where anyone can refer candidates to fill open roles supplied by other Indeed clients. In return, Indeed provides some cash money (up to $5K in some instances!) if …

Weak-Link vs. Strong-Link Employee Programs

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On a recent road trip to Kentucky to watch my FSU Seminoles get absolutely slaughtered on the football field, I hopped on the Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History podcast train. The podcast is a ten episode series where Gladwell revisits and reinterprets something from the past that has been universally misunderstood. My Little Hundred Million is the third episode in a …

Lena Dunham & Influencer Marketing – Another Feather in GE’s Recruitment Marketing Hat

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GE’s comically awkward “What’s the Matter with Owen?” recruiting commercials hit the air last fall as one of the first tactics to recruit young people to join the company as industrial Internet developers. If you’re not familiar with the series, here’s a fan favorite (email subscribers may need to click through to view): The commercials proved to be wildly successful, …

Your Employees Define Your Employment Brand – How #FBFamily Got Its Start

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I interviewed a candidate yesterday for a Social Media Coordinator role on my team and one of the questions I asked was around how she approaches identifying content to share on social. Her response was spot on. In her current role, she was tasked defining her recruitment social media content strategy and instead of pushing her own agenda, she asked …

RANT: Can we please retire “Tell me about yourself…”?

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I hopped on a panel yesterday with the fine folks over at Recruiting Blogs and Lever where we covered the ‘ins and outs’ of improving interviewing internally through training, resource development and measuring the candidate experience. One of the topics the team covered was good vs. bad interview questions, where I had a bone to pick with “Tell me about …