Working Parents

Working Parents—Be Glad You Don’t Have It As Bad As Gwyneth Paltrow

Sad news in the world of pop culture. The greatest actress since Jenna Elfman has decided to take a break from acting. That’s right! Gwyneth Paltrow has decided to take… Get the Rest


The Seattle Seahawks and Building a Champion

Last week, I sent an email to my FOT colleagues asking for a post swap.  I wanted the opportunity to post the day after my Seahawks played in

Phil Robertson

The Ballad of Phil Robertson

DISCLAIMER: Jason is not a poet.  And he knows it! ______________ Now, sit back kids, grab a chair and relax. Have a beer and a banana. Cuz, I’m gonna tell you bout

Sign language

Don’t Be The South African Sign Language Guy

I've been getting a kick out of this news story of the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's funeral.  In case you missed it, on stage at the


Condi Rice…Breaking Another Glass Ceiling That Shouldn’t Exist

Before I begin my rant this morning, I should print a disclaimer.  My alma mater does not have a football team.  We have an awesome basketball team that

corporate giving human resources

Every Company Needs A Giving Campaign

When I write for FOT, I intentionally try to keep a lot of my day to day at Microsoft out of it.  You all know where I work. 


Stop Asking for Candidate Facebook Passwords… (Just In Case You Actually Were)

Attention all employers!  If you live in the states of California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey or, most recently, my home state of Washington... you are no longer

hire dumb people

Hiring Idiots Can Be A Good Thing

Hire the best!  That"s what we"re always preaching. If you want to be competitive, if you want to deliver top of the line product, you absolutely need to

google eliminates brainteasers

Hey Google…Welcome to 15 Years Ago

Congratulations, Google!  You've done it!  You have reached a very important milestone in the evolution of technology companies! You have realized that your coolness and popularity have blinded you

hr red wedding

HR Lessons from the Red Wedding

You know…I’ve been trying really hard all week to find a way to incorporate the Red Wedding into a blog post.  I mean surely there’s something.  For those