Don’t Forget About Burr: Bringing New Talent & Longtime Employees Together

If you have any interest in today’s pop culture, chances are you’ve heard of a little Broadway musical called Hamilton. If you haven’t, here’s the quick rundown: musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the… Get the Rest


Train Station Feedback: A Situation Where No One Wins

Let me break down a scene for you I recently saw on the Sandy Springs MARTA platform (i.e. a major commuter hub) at quitting time: Two young professionals stand a

5 Things You Should Know This Week

Happy Monday, FOT Nation! Welcome back to another week with your favorite blogging team. Here are five articles, hot off the press for you: When Traditional Culture Meets Modern

5 Things You Should Know This Week

Rise & grind FOT Nation. Everyone's favorite blogging team is back at it again for another awesome week. We've got the five need-to-knows for you to start your week off