Back-To-School Night Reveals New Sites to Source

You may or may not know that I’m the mom of three—ages 11 to 19—all girls.  The first week of school is hammered with back-to-school nights, orientations, forms and more… Get the Rest


How to Source Lesson 3: Know Your Operators

So you've found a mentor and you've worked on being a conversationalist, but now it's time to talk sourcing online. I recently posed a question on for a


One Way… Or Another… I’m Gonna Find Ya!

If anyone were to ask about my biggest weakness, it's that I've found I'm a creature of habit.  Ask anyone. I get set in my ways. And I


How to Source Lesson 2: Be a Conversationalist!

Did you come into sourcing thinking you’d just be on the computer all day? No way! Not gonna happen. I get a lot of people who think sourcing


How To Source: Lesson One – Where’s Your Shadow?

Sixteen years ago, I threw down my HR/Recruiter hat and became a sourcer. Part-time at first, full-time within 2 years.  Telecom was my playground and my mentor was... well,

There's an app for sourcing

Sourcing: What’s the app for that?

Last week, work was crazy busy. Those of you who know me and my "process" know that my feet are to the fire to generate a decent pool

Think before you hit send.

Building a Brand or Burning a Bridge? Think Before You Hit Send.

This past month, I had an invitation to speak to an exclusive networking group in DC: Washington Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business.  All executives, all female and they


7 Tips to Get Your Sourcing… Unstuck!

Every once in a while, whether you're the sole sourcer or in a team, you're going to get stuck. Brain freeze.  Road block.  You begin to wonder if

Find Me

Sourcers: How Does Someone Who Needs You… Find You?

It's a valid question. Where I hang out—G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, others (i.e. HR Management)—often fear to lurk. And the ones that do, are typically pretty much


It’s Almost Valentine’s Day… Let’s Source Newlyweds!

So, this post was inspired by the one and only ResearchGoddess.  She's a newlywed (congratulations!) and probably has one of the best engagement photo moments I have ever