Think before you hit send.

Building a Brand or Burning a Bridge? Think Before You Hit Send.

This past month, I had an invitation to speak to an exclusive networking group in DC: Washington Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business.  All executives, all female and they all wanted… Get the Rest


7 Tips to Get Your Sourcing… Unstuck!

Every once in a while, whether you're the sole sourcer or in a team, you're going to get stuck. Brain freeze.  Road block.  You begin to wonder if

Find Me

Sourcers: How Does Someone Who Needs You… Find You?

It's a valid question. Where I hang out—G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, others (i.e. HR Management)—often fear to lurk. And the ones that do, are typically pretty much


It’s Almost Valentine’s Day… Let’s Source Newlyweds!

So, this post was inspired by the one and only ResearchGoddess.  She's a newlywed (congratulations!) and probably has one of the best engagement photo moments I have ever


Is Google+ ready to be our sourcing darling?

I was so excited when Google+ joined our social sourcing world in 2011.  You probably know if you read this way back then.  I've circled, I've "hung out,"


What Is Your Sourcing Quality Of Life?

Sourcecon recently published this interesting infographic on "How Much Did Sourcers Make in 2013?".  If you manage a sourcer, research, and/or sourcing team, it gives some interesting insight. 


My 4 Sourcing Lessons From 2013

I love this time of year. I enjoy taking stock and reflecting on the previous years' highs and lows—and the times that everything was on cruise control. This year


I Am So Over The “B Word”

And by that I mean "Boolean." There are Boolean groups, Boolean blogs, Boolean trainers.  There's probably a Boolean 12 Step Program as well in a city near you. There are


Forms, Forms, Forms—Can They Pay the Bills, Bills, Bills?

The sourcing team at my employer has been on fire lately if I do say so myself. We are locking and loading on candidates faster and faster. I was

dumb recruitig

I see stupid HR…it’s scarier than Halloween…

Every once in a while I'm at a conference or a meet-up and I hear stupid people. Maybe they're really smart people with stupid things coming out of