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5 Things Naming Your Conference Rooms Says About Your Leadership Style…

My boy Tim Sackett and I recently had the pleasure of being on the Meridian Knowledge L&D Hangout series, where we waxed poetic a bit on all things leadership.  It… Get the Rest


#Paris – The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my career, it’s that every manager of people or talented individual contributor has a shelf life. Not sure what I’m talking


Kris Dunn says Mizzou Football: Leaders Need To Make Sure Urgency Is Obvious to All…

Let me start by saying I really don't know what racism feels like.  The only time I've ever felt like I was in the neighborhood of being the


Kris Dunn talks MANAGERIAL DECISIONS: That’s What They Money Is For… #royals

It would be funny if it weren't so awful. Earlier this week, the world series in professional baseball was lost in part due to a manager bending to the


Kris Dunn says #HRTECHCONF: Your Employment Brand Has A Pecking Order Like Vegas Hotels…

At #hrtechconf this week and if there's one sector that continues to get a lot of buzz, it's all things employment branding.  Lots of solutions on the expo


Stop Undermining My Sweet Onboarding Game, Disgruntled Masses

It's usually an afterthought with great hires you make. You found  a great person for your open position. You did what you were supposed to do---find great talent, engage

Peggy counting

That’s What The Money Is For

With your best people, there's always a rub that emerges. Who owns the idea? Let me rephrase: You can have the best people that are just really good at making


Kris Dunn talks S**t STEVE JOBS SAID: On Your Culture Being Special…

Who's going to see the new Steve Jobs movie? Who needs the actor playing Steve Jobs to actually look like Steve Jobs?  No?  You're deeper than that? Here's

she said

CAREER ADVICE: Never Let Your Boss Tell You How Other People Feel About You Without Forcing These 2 Questions…

Dateline: Somewhere in Corporate America. The Scene: A C-Level is telling the HR pro who reports to him what another C-level thinks about her performance (hint---it's not glowing). The Mistake:


Kris Dunn explains Why You Can’t Get Your Head Around Glassdoor in One Number: 3.2

I'm traveling to San Francisco today getting ready to host the live stream of the Glassdoor Summit on Friday - you can sign up for free access to