Kris Dunn rehashes My Vegas Weekend with the 8-Man Rotation (Featuring How Pro Hoops Misses On Talent – Just Like You)…

Went to Vegas last weekend with a few bloggers of note - Steve Boese, Lance Haun and Matt Stollak. Our destination had a nerd quality to it  - The NBA Summer League, where professional… Get the Rest


How Smart HR Pros are Becoming Better Marketers – By Using Company Reputation Sites Like Glassdoor 

Let's face it. HR pros have a long history of being uncomfortable with sites like Glassdoor.com. After all, the only people that use Glassdoor.com and sites like it are disgruntled ex-employees that you

bye bye

RANT: Stop Being Weak When Announcing Resignations…

Ah yes. The voluntary resignation.  Of a good person.  Or maybe just an OK person. We love to wring our hands - both inside and outside HR - about


Kris Dunn says Dumb Device/Rich Cloud: Talent Philosophy in Apple Vs. Google Product Terms…

I saw this on the web today and thought it had a lot of application beyond the way Apple and Google ideate and develop products: "I’ve said before that Apple’s approach


Kris Dunn explains Do’s and Don’ts of Accepting Offers of Employment – NBA DRAFT VERSION…

I like hoops---a lot.  So I consumed 5 hours of NBA Draft coverage last night. Wow. What did I learn?  I learned a lot about the right way to

PTO for moms

The Relationship Between Being Knocked Up and Paying Out PTO…

What the hell is going on in America?  My friend and FOT colleague Tim Sackett dropped some science earlier this week that indicated he actually might be in


The CYA Report E63: The Moneyball Leadership Retreat [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by Workforce.com and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Kellee Webb, Vice President of Human Resources at Cenikor Foundation,


Kris Dunn talks LEADERSHIP WISDOM: “We’re Not Good Enough to Complain…”

There's a negative aspect to humanity that shows up in every environment where people work in teams. It's called, "B*tching."   A softer way to say it is that people

Data Nerd

HR Moneyball: The FOT Bootstrapper Guide To Getting Started With Big Data [WEBINAR]

You've heard the hype: Big Data is taking over the business world, and HR's going to be expected to make decisions---not through feelings, relationships or gut instinct---but via

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5 THINGS TO KNOW: LinkedIn To Aggregate Your ATS Jobs (aka “Indeed Killer”)

In case you missed it, LinkedIn announced last week that beginning June 2, it will offer hundreds of thousands of jobs aggregated from the career sites and the ATSs