WORK DREAMS: Teaching Mick Jagger to Eurostep…

How many of you have dreams about work? Of course you dream about work. How could you not? You work more than you sleep. I guess the key question is… Get the Rest

Game of Thrones Art

WEBINAR – RAISING DRAGONS: What Game of Thrones Teaches Us About Performance Coaching and Building Teams

"Winter is Coming.” "You Win or You Die.” "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow." If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you know these quotes as parts of iconic conversations from your


Degrees Measure Resilience In Employment… And That’s Why We Require Them.

Do you have to have a degree to get hired at your company? Maybe. Do you need a degree to be one of the best in any company? Hell no.  That's


Kris Dunn explains Authoritarians: Why They Suck As Managers…

"There is an essential cowardice in all authoritarians, which becomes more obvious as they tighten their grip." -Charles Pierce on David Stern at Grantland I love this quote I picked


AVERAGE RESULTS: The Problem Is Probably You – Not Your Employee…

If there's one thing I've learned in a career of being a manager/coach (both in corporate America and in sports), it's that when I'm not satisfied with the


Kris Dunn shares Capitalist Definitions: “Lick The Cookie” at Your Company…

Capitalist Note - had an email about aggressive behavior inside a company from a reader, and this post came to mind.  Thus, the second share. licking [ˈlɪkɪŋ] the [thē] cookie [kk] 1.


Kris Dunn says Being a Leader is Hard. Here’s 3 Things That Make You a Good One (#WorkHuman)

Being a new leader is hard.  Whipping up a bunch of needed change while treating people like humans is even harder. You probably know what needs to be done.


HR CAREER ADVICE: Never Let Your Boss Tell You How Other People Feel About You Without Forcing These 2 Questions…

Dateline: Somewhere in Corporate America. The Scene: A C-Level is telling the HR pro who reports to him what another C-level thinks about her performance (hint: it's not glowing). The

March Madness at work

PREACH IT: March Madness Means Half Your Employees Are Back to Mailing It In…

It's mid-March in the United States. That means the following things: - Some of your employees are about to get absolutely hammered this Thursday on St. Patrick's Day. Green dye


Kris Dunn shares CHARTS FOR SMART HR PROS: Turnover Is Back to Pre-Recession Levels Across America…

Capitalist Note - Going to give you a couple of charts this week that you should absolutely share as a part of any HR deck you do for an