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WEBINAR TOMORROW! The New HR Math: Dumbing Down HR Analytics for Everyday HR and Talent Pros

It all started with a great premise: Let’s teach kids an easier way to understand math so they won’t end up hating it. We can all buy into that, right!?… Get the Rest


Kris Dunn explains a Potential Tweak to Your Succession Platform: The Shadow

If you're lucky enough to have a decent succession program, you know the reality.  Unless you're heavily invested in the concept of rotations, it's hard to keep things


Kris Dunn reports 14% of Zappos Employees Quit Rather Than Work in System Without Managers…

What's next at Zappos?  Commune?  Nude Commune? The Washington Post reported on Friday that 14% of Zappos' employees took a severance package rather than work in a Holocracy -


When Employees Bite Back: Prepping for the Feedback Session That’s Going to Suck…

It's May. Getting near halfway through the year. Might be time for you to actually give some feedback to the people who work for you. Or, if you're an HR

lose your mind

INTERVIEW ARCHITECTS: Your Job Is To Make the Candidate Lose Their Composure…

There's been a lot of money spent trying to make interviewing more science than art.  Let's count the ways: --Multiple interviewing techniques, including Targeted Selection, Top-Grading and more.. --1000 assessments


WEBINAR TODAY! Bootstrap Your Training Function: 5 Ways To Make Learning Matter In Your Company

Editor's note: You still have time to register for our Learning and Development webinar today at 2pm EDT. We'll show you how to revamp your approach to training in


Kris Dunn shows CHART ART: This Picture Says If You Want a Good Raise, Get Another Job…

The analysis that I have on this one is pretty simple.  Look at the chart and you can only come to one conclusion - broadly, there is no


If Goals Don’t Change, You Must Be Working For ACME

Somewhere there's a marketing manager for a Taxi association.  She's got direct reports and is just hearing about this thing called Uber.  She already set some lame goals


WEBINAR: Bootstrap Your Training Function: 5 Ways To Make Learning Matter In Your Company

It's true. You know the true power of learning and development, known to the laypeople in your company by the pedestrian term "Training."   A revamp of your


Kris Dunn says Million Dollar HR Product Idea: Aggregator Killer

The last time I proposed a product/service idea for HR, it was about aggregating all the references your company takes in and selling them as a recruiting database. Pretty